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Month: April 2021

Push Them Out of Your Energetic Field!

Haters are not nice people, they are abusers. When you rise, they will hate you a lot. When you’re successful they will be jealous and envious, they will come into […]

The Great Ones Have Risen!

Great ones have risen, against all odds. If you have been fighting the good fight, then you know how hard it has been. We have been plagued by dark armies, […]

Rise Hard!

It’s time to rise hard, we are winning, keep on rising and removing all the darkness from your life. You’ll find that a lot of people are carrying a lot […]

Karmics Will Attack You Psychically!

Beware of the karmics, they are not happy and will make you suffer as well. Karmics are those friends, old partners, people whom you have removed from your life for […]