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Taking Back Your Powers And Energy!

Beware of being in the wrong place all the time, if you’re working on yourself and you find that things are not getting better for you, check your patterns and Modus Operandi (MO), i.e, how you deal with people, situations, are you a people pleaser? ready to sacrifice yourself to please others?
Who wants what from you? are you a chronic giver? do you give till you’re empty? did you associate giving with love, if you didn’t give to others, they did not love you, did you learn that you have to give till there is no more of you? did you learn to sacrifice yourself in life and in love? how is your life right now? are you attracting the wrong people who just take and have no cell of anything to give to you? Who is in your life? what’s your frequency? are you a sacrificer, a giver to the detriment of you? do you keep on attracting people who just come to take from you? and have nothing to give in return? are you stuck in the deficit frequency? where you give and others take.
Are you able to make the correct choices in relationships? those who give to you, do you choose them? or do you choose the ones who are violent takers? who abuse, who take, who give nothing in return? check your frequency and how to came to give like this, how did you receive love when you were a child, did you feel you had to give to your caregivers? as they had nothing to give? you became the giver as they were always in deficit and poverty frequency?
Did you have to carry your family’s burden on yourself alone? were you the healer of the ancestors, the family, the whole collective of your generations and everyone who came to you?
it’s time to STOP with this. You are not a charity case, it was not your responsibility to rescue your family and keep on rescuing them, you don’t have to carry your family’s burden for them, you don’t have to be the one who sacrifices themselves, give yourself permission to stop giving so chronically, over giving, over burdened by life. Take your powers back. It’s time!

New Eartheans Welcome! A big Thank You on Your Journey. Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

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