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You’ve Done It! You’re NOW FREEEEE!

You’re now FREEE to be who you want to be, what you want to do. Your freedom is here. You have managed to release some really bad people and influences from your life. Well done on your great effort, you’re a shining beacon of light and you have released some major karma.
Allow others to now pay their debts to you, they will settle to you and have no choice in the matter.
Well done, you have done your job. It’s time for your life to come together and for you to shine.
Kiran G

Forgiveness comes with a caveat! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

Star ones, beware of forgiveness, who and what you're forgiving.
  1. Forgiveness comes with a caveat!
  2. Those who had your back in times of struggle…
  3. War on Consciousness!
  4. Nuggets of Wisdom!
  5. We have great responsibility!
  6. Humanity Is Ravenous!
  7. We Stop Fearing Now!
  8. Pull Your Energy Back From Unrequited Relations!
  9. The world is saying no to abusers!
  10. The more you rise, the more discerning you should be!