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Done With Effing Yourself Over? Then, Read This!

If you aren’t ready to hear this, move along, this is for those who are ready to do the hard work. I am not going to say it’s all good for you, when it’s not. I am not for everyone and not going to stroke your ego, this is shadow work and we work hard here at Golden Sun Academy. We remove you from your delusion, illusion and self imposed mazes and labyrinths.
Some things are self imposed and some are imposed by others, we recognise all and we take responsibility for our own healing.
If you keep on choosing the wrong, the bad, the unhealthy, the drama, the toxic over the healthy, stable, secure, abundant, then you need this shake up. The tower moment is here, you need to STOP going back to the past, the toxic, the drama filled people, patterns, this is the end of the old, allow the old to fall away, allow your mind to heal from the toxic patterns.
If you see something that glitters, make sure you look inside it to see if it’s really gold. It may be a front, a fake, a mask of gold and the inside is rotten, toxic, deluded and sick to the core.
When others who are not at your level come to you, observe, watch and look within them, how are they? this is not to judge them, but to keep yourself safe, you cannot bring anyone into your life, even if they fight hard to get into your life. They are still caged, imprisoned, it’s a trap and will trap you very, very deep into a gilded cage.
I have two new podcasts, listen, or NOT! it’s up to YOU!
Kiran G

Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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