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Karmics Will Attack You Psychically!

Beware of the karmics, they are not happy and will make you suffer as well. Karmics are those friends, old partners, people whom you have removed from your life for being toxic, dysfunctional, colleagues, seeming “lovers”, I say seeming, because they are not able to love and they are not lovers.
Protect yourself spiritually, because they are constantly sending you dark energies.
They are sending bad thoughts, intentions, spells and those who are versed with magic are also doing dark magic.
If you feel itchy around certain people, energies or a past person who was in your life, who always just brought you darkness and bad sh*t, when you are around them, there is chaos, pain, confusion and a complete system failure when you are in their energy.
They will push their energy onto you all the time, this then creates and causes a lot of chaos on your own energy.
They project themselves energetically, they have all kinds of pain, suffering, chaos, confusion and dysfunctionality in their energetic field, which then comes to you, this hurts you psychically.
Some are so harmful in their thoughts and intentions, they project that to you, which is very painful.
Those who are envious, jealous, filled with darkness are trying to offload themselves from their own pain, when they meet someone undiscerning, too good, too nice, too open, they catch this person, because they have found someone willing to be their prey. They offload all their energies onto you and you then become their landfill, they also rip your light and energy from you, like this, they are filled with the good stuff, energetic projections are very dangerous, especially when it happens between really psychically violent individuals and empaths.
Protect your light body, do not allow these dark individuals to approach your light body field and dump onto you. Psychic attacks are very painful. Karmics are very good at that, when they are angry, they will offload their anger onto you, through psychic means. Use protective measures to stop these entities to project onto you!

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