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Push Them Out of Your Energetic Field!

Haters are not nice people, they are abusers. When you rise, they will hate you a lot. When you’re successful they will be jealous and envious, they will come into your peripheral auric energy to take from you!

Free Yourself From Convoluted People! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

People have a lot of pain, suffering and dramas, when you're shining bright and flying high, beware of energetic leaches!
  1. Free Yourself From Convoluted People!
  2. Divine Life Purpose!
  3. Magnetic You!
  4. Don't Be Too Nice!
  5. SuperHuman Powers!
  6. Your Ancestor's Legacy.
  7. Omega Level Greatness!
  8. Master Manifestor!
  9. To Your Recovery!
  10. It's Time To Be Happy!