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The Great Ones Have Risen!

Great ones have risen, against all odds. If you have been fighting the good fight, then you know how hard it has been.

We have been plagued by dark armies, dark ones, dark carriers of the plague.
These entities have taken over the lives of light ones.
Beware! If you are here to heal, help the world to ascend, help to heal, teach, spread light, then you have been plagued by the dark ones. They will be sent to drown you into their mazes of illusions. You’re going to have to keep on rising against the lies, deception and see their masks for what they are.
When you see them and reveal them, they will be pissed. They will psychically attack you. Do not reveal much to them, they are in the dark, they cannot figure you out, you are always upgrading and upscaling, they cannot rise to your levels, you have upgrades and downloads, uploads all the time. They can fool you a little bit of the time, but, you will unmask them and because you unmask them, they will attack you, they will do everything to attack you psychically, emotionally, energetically, magically. But, mate, nothing can get to you! You just know how to protect yourself and everything they do against you backfires. You just watch them wriggle in pain, it’s their own doing. They haven’t learnt their lessons, they haven’t learnt that they need to change, they need to change their bad karma, they haven’t learnt and they have chosen the dark side. Their choice, now they have to accept what comes to them. You are protected.

Closed. Done.
  1. Closure. Done.
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  10. We Stop Fearing Now!