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YOu Aren’t Meant to Be Like Everyone Else!

You aren’t meant to be like everyone else, you are meant to be one and only one. You! You are here to bring a new energy into this world. Your energy! If you kill your true self to please everyone else, then, what a shame! It’s a shame that most people do not get to be themselves, they are worried about other people’s perceptions, other people’s judgments and not awakened to their own feelings and emotions.
The question is, are you going to be yourself? ready to make waves, ready to change the world?

Closed. Done.
  1. Closure. Done.
  2. TRUST Issues, deception and Betrayals.
  3. Close Never Ending Cycles!
  4. Forgiveness comes with a caveat!
  5. Those who had your back in times of struggle…
  6. War on Consciousness!
  7. Nuggets of Wisdom!
  8. We have great responsibility!
  9. Humanity Is Ravenous!
  10. We Stop Fearing Now!