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For Advanced Souls!

Advanced souls are awakening fast, these souls have been waiting for the right time to rise, for a very long time indeed. This waiting has been so long, that these souls felt like it was never going to come. If you have been feeling like you have waited for everything in your life, nothing great has manifested, that things have been terrible on this earth, you’ve felt lost, down, totally tortured psychically, plagued by toxic people who only meant harm to you, if you feel like you’re stuck in a nightmare that you cannot wake up from, if you feel like you are here to save this world, to do good, to restore peace, to heal nature, the world, humanity and you’ve felt called for your service, then you are one of these advanced souls.

Advanced souls have had to deal with dark forces who have controlled them, a few of thse dark entities have taken over the psyche of the advanced soul, if you are surrounded by dark, toxic entities, then know this has been planned for you not to rise. These dark entities will bring war into your life, to get into your life, they pose as you, they mimic, they pretend to be exactly like you, have same interests, same mission, they pose as healers, but then, you realise they wear false masks.
Beware of dark souls who take by force, they wage wars on the psyche of advanced souls.
Advanced souls are here to heal, repair what’s broken, expose the darkness, be fair and rise in power. It’s time for you to rise hard and do not be scared of these dark entities, they actually do not have any power, but you, you have super powers, it’s time for Karma to clear for you and them to reap their bad karma.
It’s all happening right now, just watch.
Advanced souls also have a lot of traumas in their family, that’s because even their family members have been plagued by dark forces.
You have a mission to clear the darkness out of your ancestor’s life, you know how to do it. Also, make sure you protect yourself and don’t take any SH*T from anyone, stay in your power, warrior. It’s time to slay some evil dragons.
Kiran G

Shifting perception of loss, seeing everything as you having gained massively.
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