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Purposeful ReUnion!

Old souls are coming together right now. Old lovers who have not been together, who have been separated, who have been kept apart by dark forces, are now coming together.
Advanced souls are reuniting with their beloved, long lost loves, separated for a long time, forgotten love, both souls forgot about this love long time ago, lost in space and time, but when they saw each other, they remembered each other.
This is the love, the one love, the true love, the connection is so intense, you will know when you meet them, this love will be electric, magnetic, filled with energy and a lot of passion. Both parties will want this, they will want to remove all obstacles, all the pain, clear karma, clear everything that needs to be cleared. The pull is going to be so magnetic, it will blow both minds away. No matter what you do, this is not going away, because it’s purposeful, meant to be, it’s time for this reunion to happen. Your time is here, right this moment!

The Grand Rising, The Grand Purpose! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

You may feel alone, but you are not!
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