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Frenemies In The Grass, Expose Them – Their Mask Is Off!

They don’t like you, but they want to be like you, they don’t want you, but they want everything you are and everything you want. If you like something, they hate it, but copycat you, dress like you, speak like you, pretend to be you, whilst they backstab you. They bring chaos and confusion wherever they are, they pollute your environment with their horror. They have nothing good in them, they pretend to be divine. They conned you into believing they were like you, but actually they hate you and everything that loves you, they go out there to destroy it. If you are popular, they spread venom about you, they undermine you, they take credit for your work, they pretend to be better than you, they think they have talent, they are talentless, they feel superior, they think they are the “deal”, they take away from you, they feed off your energy, you don’t even notice them, but they work in the dark to defeat you, you thought they were working with you, they are working against you.
They are snake in the grass, they have nothing but venom! Time to expose them to the world and unmask them.
Watch the vid.
Kiran G