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Suffocating You To Steal Everything You Own!

I don’t understand, sometimes you will have haters who hate you so much, that they don’t like you, but they pretend to be you, they dress like you, they speak like you, they mimic you, they copy you, they are your exact copycat.
This is the second time I have met a supposed “divine” person, who copied me really well but they actually hate me. Lol. Very strange! they have nothing to offer, they are poor in character, in energy, in wisdom, in high energy, frequency and vibrations, they have low frequency vibes, they hate, they abuse, they trespass, they are dictators, they take other people’s voices away, they are yucky in every shape or form, they have absolutely nothing good to offer to humanity, but everything horror-filled and disgusting.
I managed to take their masks off, they did not like that, as they said they were “divine”, it turns out they were a dark army who is so jealous and hateful that you can see in every cell of them.
They steal, copy, imitate, they do not have a personality of their own, well they do, it’s ugly and they can’t use it, as they know no one likes it.
They have no success in their life, they have no one to love them, they mess everything up, nothing ever works out, when they do get something good, the people end up leaving them, they have bad karma, bad vibes, bad everything.
You may think, why am I so judgemental towards them?? because they are very destructive and I want others to know that everyone around you, do not want you to rise. There are dark armies out there who are out to get you and this is how you recognise them.
They will suffocate your talent, your creativity, your zest for life, they will beat on you every moment, so you lose all your creative juice, if you like something, they will tell you how much they hate it. If you you teach something, they will tell you how they can teach better, everytime you want to say something, they will cut in and tell you how much more they have to say, how much better they are, they will do this until they suffocate the life out of you and take your voice away.
When you talk, they have a better story, they have a better explanation, they have done better, they are better, they are above you, if you have something, they have one better, you like a song, they hate it, you are trying to teach something, they can teach better (they think) as you know they can’t do anything well.
YOu have admirers, lovers, followers, friends, they want to destroy these for you, you have done nothing to them, they are jealous as hell, they want to be you but they can’t and they are utter failure in life, so, they have you in their focus, they want what you have as they cannot have their own. They want yours.
Haha. They are vile and a massive failure, know that nothing works in their life, they have bad karma and their descent is now.
Kiran G

Suffocating You To Take Steal Everything You Own! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain & Karma!

Watch Who's Around You, they come as friends, they call themselves divine. They're actually shapeshifters who cloak themselves.