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On The Other Side!

Listen, you have made it to the other side. You have put in a lot of work and this has paid off. A lot of Karmic relationships are over and now you come to life with love and balance. BTW, love does not mean accepting everything and just being too nice. It means being balanced in your interactions and dealings with others. Do not allow others to take advantage of you and your goodness. Stand up to others when you need to. Speak up and speak out when you must, otherwise others will walk all over you.
Tough love is also part of love. Don’t forget that!

New Eartheans Welcome! A big Thank You on Your Journey. Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

You're a space, time, dimension traveller.
  1. New Eartheans Welcome! A big Thank You on Your Journey.
  2. New Earth, Anchoring New Blood. Done With The Past!
  3. LIGHT Ones + Betrayals – Part 2
  4. Lightwarriors and Major BETRAYALS! PART 1.
  5. Star ONES, We've Been Through Too Much!
  6. Beware Whom You Bring Aboard Your Lightship!
  7. Collect Your Dues!
  8. Gangs Power Scattered!
  9. Complete Cleaning, Clearing of the Past.
  10. Karmics seeming like Soulmates!