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Healing The Mouth From Past Traumas!

It’s time to heal the past, the past traumas, your traumas about speaking, speaking out and speaking up. Some people will come forward to stop you, you’re rising hard, the grand rising and many do not want to see this.
Open your mouth, do some mouth exercises, heal the tongue and past traumas, generational, ancestral, karmic. Break all vows, fears and spells.
It’s time. Speak your truth. You have all the power, no one can touch you, you are untouchable, the outcast, the reject, the black sheep, the odd one – it is meant to be that way, do not fear your difference, do not fear you standing out, you will make a massive wave, you’re meant to be the odd one out, the strange out, the outcast, the weird one, or whatever label they give to you, take the label and make it shine, shine with it, say you’re a proud outcast, a black sheep, an untouchable, a reject of society, a weird one, take it and make it beautiful, others would want to be like you! They already do!

New Eartheans Welcome! A big Thank You on Your Journey. Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

You're a space, time, dimension traveller.
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