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Temptation From The Devil!

The more you advance on your divine path, the bigger the plot is to tempt you into the dark side. The red pill, versus the blue pill. We’re massive forces on this earth, massive light force, we have undertaken a massive mission, to heal this planet and to bring back the light on this earth, the other side is doing exactly the same thing, with the dark forces and darkness.
We’re fighting super forces right now, the earth is being undertaken into the underworld and anyone who is working with light and wants to bring light onto this earth, are being targeted.

Beware, all kinds of temptation is being thrown our way, seemingly divine friends, relationships, loveships, which aren’t in any way divine at all. Karmics seem like divine partners, friends, colleagues and lovers. There are also gangs targetting a lot of light workers, people ganging up and working against all light workers, this is a new phenomenon, to stop us all from rising and completing our mission, just a few words of caution, beware and be aware, they cannot succeed against you. You’re too powerful, whilst their power is limited, your power is limitless.
They use a lot of mind games, confusion, spells and dark magic to bind your mind, clear your psychic energies. Protect yourself from these evil men/women. They play lots of psychic games, they mirror you and you’ll think that they are exactly like you, they are shapeshifters, who mimic you and talk like you, copy you to win your trust and to get you to believe that they are light like you. They are not. Go with your gut feelings, you will KNOW! You KNOW, who they are!

Kiran G