About Me

Professional Background

A lecturer by profession.  I have been teaching since I was a child, when I was 16, I taught underprivileged, disabled children and knew this was my calling.

In my adult years, I studied a lot, as I knew this was freedom of the mind, body and the soul.  Education to me, was the passport to intelligentsia, I also knew that Education was a big part of my life.

I studied Law as Justice is a big part of my existence.  I strive for justice, I trained as a lawyer, worked for human rights, civil liberties and freedom for those who had no voice or couldn’t get justice.  I never could bring myself to work for corporations, so I worked in educational fields, teaching/mentoring Law whilst aiding those who came to me, to free themselves and fight for justice.

Working in the legal field, I quickly realised that lawyers could twist and turn the laws, the writings to mean whatever they wanted it to mean.  This pained me deeply, I decided that taking that path, would be detrimental to me and my ethos in life, which is “come with clean hands”, I quit pursuing the lawyer calling, but instead, went to pursue my dream as a lecturer.  For this I had to retrain, i.e, gain qualification in teaching.

I haven’t looked back, ever since.  I love teaching/lecturing and for me, there is no other purpose.  Teaching enables me to bring in all my different abilities and talents and offer my learners different sides to myself, which is invaluable in the teaching profession.  I teach in a Higher/Further Educational Establishment (HEFE) in London, UK. I also taught at a University in London.

Spiritual Background

That starts as soon as we’re born, we are all walking towards the light. A Reiki Master/Teacher, I have trained and undertaken many energetic disciplines to reach this stage and having attuned hundreds of people, all around the world, I can certify learners to master/teacher stage.

Life is good, people are generally good, 60% of this world’s population are of light origin.  Which means, 40% is of the polar opposite.  I have met those who are darkest to the core and can’t be of light, their genetic make-up is of darkness ( Do not con yourself, on this planet, there are extreme dark entities, beware!)

With that insight, I guess now I am a better person as I always thought everyone was good, for having met some really dark people, who want to enslave and their sole/soul purpose is to harm/enslave other people.  Yes, when you’re out for justice, you’ll see what some entities are made of!


I draw, paint, sculpt, write and make beautiful things!

And, my path led me to write, I have written a few books, published a few, sold many, reviews have been phenomenal and I am grateful.

  • Heal Yourself Part 1 ( Available to buy)
  • Healing Express Oracle Book – Your guide to self healing (Available to buy)
  • Heal YourSELF – With Self Love (Available to buy)
  • Heal YourSELF – Self Empowerment, Oracle Cards (Available to buy)
  • The Rise of Nemesis Liyonix and The Eartheans ( Coming Soon)
  • Heal YourSELF – Part 2 (Coming Soon)
  • On The Wings of The Angels (Coming Soon)
  • The LightWarrior (Coming Soon)

Discernment has been something I have had to learn.  Trust only a few! Especially as a power-filled woman, some came to destroy my light and ended up being destroyed. As a light-warrior, I do not fear men or anybody in any universe/s.  My powers are limitless, when we come with light, goodness, respect and love, the divine gives us unlimited powers, which cannot be taken away, ever! Only light-beings have this power!

I have mastered this planet, the energies, frequency, vibration of this earth, its inhabitants, those who live on this earth, those who came to defeat me, to enslave, to harm, to mind-control, to hypnotise, to rule, to colonise, to invade!  I am untouchable, impenetrable, invisible to the dark forces.

I am innately magical and I have mastered energy! The secret key isn’t given to anybody, this must be earnt, only by those warriors who are here to free the world, heal, rebuild, spread light and wisdom.

Beware of the masked men/women, who come to take, not give!  The light ones, give and you will recognise them by their light and their power that the divine has instilled within them.  They are beacon, the lighthouse, the super powers that the world has been waiting for!

Kiran G