Art Therapy

Art Therapy brings out the emotions on paper.  It heals the soul inside out, it is a means to release the blocked energies from the unconscious/subconscious minds, reveal it to ourselves, make it known and conscious so that we know that issue is there.

I have been running Art Therapy Courses for a few weeks now and what I have been told is that people do not even know that this sludge, unknown core belief was in their unconscious minds.   They are surprised by what comes out of them on paper.

What Art Therapy does is that it brings out what is hidden, what is not conscious and makes it conscious, known to us, so we can then deal with the issue with mindful awareness.

In Art Therapy, we use lots of colours, mandalas, different medium, affirmations, manifestation art to achieve healing.  The soul has a way to repond to Art.  What art does to the soul is magical.  It heals deeply, attendees pour their soul onto paper. These are done whilst applying mindfulness Techniques to achieve the best results, breathing deeply, being aware of the body, mind, thoughts, impulses, feelings and emotions.

I couple Mindfulness and Art Therapy techniques, which bring deep healing, peoplea re amazed at what was hidden in their unconscious minds.  Isn’t that amazing?  Art Therapy is another tool that aids in providing answers to our quest for healing.

For more information, get in touch to book for Art Therapy Courses.

Kiran G

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