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Category: forgiveness

Star Ones, Do Not Accept Crumbs!

Crumbs! that’s what a lot of star ones have been accepting all througout our lives. No more! I want you to hold yourself high, so high, that you put passwords […]

Creative Juice Will Be Back, When You …

Listen, if you have been feeling really stuck and stagnant, check in with yourself. What are you not dealing with? What are you ignoring? what are you blocking? Your subconscious […]

Freeing The Divine Feminine Archeytype From All Pain!

This is to free the divine feminine archetype from all griefs, pain, losses, brokenness, darkness, dark attachments, slavery programs, contracts, agreements, sacrifices and fear programs. Lightcodes, downloads and upgrades available, […]

Divine child - divine source

Happy Inner Child!

All the child wants is love, love and more love.  Is this kind of love attainable on this earth? from earthly mothers?  in this day and age, it seems humans […]