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Category: Self Empowerment

When Karma Kicks Their Butts!

It’s a bit of an irony, I mean … I am not a fan of Karma, but it’s cool to see when Bad Karma kicks butts. I am enjoying it, […]

You Are A Star Human!

You are a star human. You came to this earth to teach a new way, this new way is totally new. You also came here to show others the truth […]

The Great Warrior Spirit!

The great warrior spirit is here, watching your back. Always ready to protect and defend you. A masculine, fierce energy, who is ruthless and unforgiving to anyone who does not […]

Freeing The Divine Feminine Archeytype From All Pain!

This is to free the divine feminine archetype from all griefs, pain, losses, brokenness, darkness, dark attachments, slavery programs, contracts, agreements, sacrifices and fear programs. Lightcodes, downloads and upgrades available, […]