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Return of the divine feminine

Falsehoods You Have Believed!

This world is not what you see. There is a deeper mystery, what you do not see, is the reality. What you’re seeing is an illusion.
Let me explain – this is a magical world, being manipulated by dark magic!
Dark magical people, the illuminati and all the other names you know for them. Yes, them. Have you been seeing how they are all coming to light recently?

They are being exposed. Their control over the world. They want to control every aspect of your life, your world, your existence. They want you into their apps, their technologies, so they can control you, they have spirit cooking people, magis to help them stay hidden.
There is a lot of magic happening, you just don’t know of it. The ones who have all the power and control, have super force behind them, this is not just any force or power, these are ET powers, go back far enough, you will see churches and other religious organisations have them in their books, in their scriptures and they know what is going on.
Humans have not been privy to this information, humans have been kept in the dark, given no information and no knowledge of their world and what is going on, kept in the dark, this is how “they” have been able to control humanity.
Humanity still does not know what kind of a world they live in. They still think, you go to work, work, eat, come back home, eat, sleep and that’s life.
There is a dark world, that humans are not aware of. It’s hidden in plain sight. Look at who controls the world, a few cultish people. They have a lot of power, resources, money, technology and control over others. Money is power is control.
Most governments are being controlled by a higher power, a shadow government, who is dark in nature. They are forces of darkness. Think secret societies, high degree magicians who are in place.
These magicians have been given power to do whatever they like, as long as they further the agenda of darkness. They are high degree magicians, controlling the dark secret societies, who are also controlled by dark forces (ET)
These beings control humans through telepathy, control of the mind, control of the pineal gland. Humans are in a trance, they are walking with eyes open, but they are asleep. The dark forces do their deeds in the open, they don’t hide anything, they do it all openly, but humans can’t see.
The best way is not to hide anything, do it in the open and convince people that it is for their highest good.

Look at the world we are living in right now, quarantines, masks, fear, social distancing, no trust in our fellow humans, vaccines, separation, division, racism, track and trace, technological control, digital ID, cameras, hundreds of thousands of satellites being launched in the name of advancement of technology – which is ultimately going to be used to control humanity even more.

But first, they must succeed. Do not despair, that where you come in. This time they lose. We have learnt our lessons are here to stop the dark agenda.
There are big plans to stop them, it has all begun and we need your help.
Meditate and the answer shall come to you >>>
The prime creator is here to help.
Lightwarriors RISE!
Meditate >>>>>
ASK for what you need to know>>>
There are downloads in these words, which can be accessed only by some, only light ones.
Do not despair. We must fight, no sitting back and watching, or being apathetic, this is time to fight back and tell the truth. Do not fear, you are safe.

Falsehoods you have believed to be true:
Divine is aligned with pain and suffering
Your lessons have to be painful
WE grow through pain
Darkness is part of light – yin/yang, darkness is in light.
Karma is our own fault
Karma is our sin, we must pay
Karmic wheel is compulsory
This world is peaceful
War brings peace, war is necessary to keep peace.
Enlightenment can only be reached through struggle and strife
Divine is part of the dark
Lessons and challenges are to teach us, to make us strong, necessary part of our growth.
Magic is a myth and fantasy
Humans are awake
Humans are free
Pain is necessary
We must carry our burden of sins
We were born in sin
We are simple beings
WE have no powers
Pain, suffering, struggle and strife are necessary for our own good, these are making us enlightened and powerful. To see the good in the bad.
There is no right, no wrong. Everything is part of the divine plan. Even the worst of the worst of atrocities are part of our progress and plan of enlightenment.
We must give the other cheek, accept all the lessons and not complain.
Enlightened ones have mastered all the darkness and light.
Duality is a must, we must live in both.
You are born to a short life, to suffer, to grow old, in pain and suffering, die and incarnate.
We can free ourselves from re-incarnation, we can just have a will not to incarnate (this is true, but is a trap of dark ones)
WE have free will, this is not true, unless you have freed yourself from all programs, implants, cleared yourself in all space, time and directions, know how to do that, you do not have free will. They still control you.
YOu are a simple being.
YOU are part of darkness.
You need darkness to be whole.
Think about these falsehoods and let me know if you are free in this dark world where they control humans and starseeds telepathically. BY being aware, you are able to free yourself, by knowing the falsehoods, you become free, you fight back and you win. It’s time to rise and fight back.
Kiran G

Divine Plan Has No Suffering and Pain

The Divine Plan

How many times have you heard that your suffering is making you stronger, harder and is part of the divine plan? Probably every day, in most insta post?
What if I tell you that, that is not true. The plan has been hijacked by dark forces, they have corrupted our divine plan and will and made it their own. Most writings, wisdom, book is now under their control, unless you have removed all the programs and implants from yourself and are now free from the karmic wheel. I will talk about karma and its significance on the human existence at some point. Right now, I will talk about what is coming to me, from the divine creator himself/herself (there is no gender in the creator spirit), no polarity.
So, I want to free you from your pain and suffering, have you been conflicted all your life thinking whether to give the other cheek or fight the pedophiles, the rapist, the child molester, the demon spirit, who is totally distorted and twisted. Did you think that the divine made those spirits?
if so, were you taught that they were part of the divine plan and that there was no right, no wrong, that the ascended ones does not see duality, right or wrong, that everything on this earth is a school, teaching us something divine and how we are becoming strong and must thank that path that we have walked and thank the lessons and challenges for making us so strong?
well, you have been had, by probably the best of teachers on this earth. I have seen great teachers, ascended and enlightened and teaching this philosophy, that, there is no right, no wrong, that the worst of the worst is part of the divine plan.
How could that be? the divine would not even hurt anyone, how can a child be harmed and be called karma or there was something in that child that deserved it (in some teachings), making it right that the suffering was deserved.
I will talk about Karma soon, what it is, how it was designed to command and control and how we can remove karma. This is a dispensation for those who had no karma to begin with. I cannot teach it openly as I know these can be used to harm, hurt and manipulate others (by dark ones).
Divine people, your time has come, to stand up, break the shackles of controlling belief systems, enslaving rules and wisdom, that has been at times unwittingly passed on by well meaning teachers.
Divine will not harm you, does not have lessons after lessons after lessons to “teach” you, for your “own good”, this is from the dark, evil ones. If your life is bad right now, this has nothing to do with learning lessons, I must admit, I bought into the karma wheel, karmic burden shite too, I also believed that my pain was part of my divine life purpose, but that is what everyone is taught. This is a plug, an implant, a program.
Divine is here to teach us love, beauty, peace and harmony. This earth was taken over by evil forces a long time ago, now we fight back to take it back. With truth, force and divine power. It cannot be done any other way.
Those who have a pure heart will rise now. Those who have harmed others, been greedy, controlling, enslaving of others, will have to fall. Have faith, your time is here.
Lightwarrior Kiran

Light is here

You Are A Divine Creator With A Divine Life Purpose!

Things have been tough for those who carry the light. If you are a light carrier, you have been through it all and you’re still here! Bravo!
OK, there will be time when I will sound Cryptic, but know this, I cannot divulge all the information here, we have to keep secrets, only those who need to know will know! As I will have downloads in these messages for you.
So, in the past, I had been giving information openly, it was used against us. You can imagine, I trained someone, who used it to do bad things to humans. So, this haunted me for a long time. I used to give out information in detail, but, since then, I have realised the dark is going to use the information to learn from us, ascend to a high level and use it against us.
Sorry to sound so cryptic, but we are fighting evil here. They are very cunning, they will use good people to get all information and metaphysical knowledge to use it against the good people of this earth. Let’s say, we have learnt from them to keep top secret info.

I am a light warrrior. It means I fight the evil ones. That’s what it means. I know, some of you may think that “they” are part of the divine plan too, oh, but you are so wrong. They are NOT of the divine plan.
The knowledge has been hijacked, corrupted, controlled, invaded and colonised. The betrayal goes all the way to the 11th dimension.
We’re fighting some magicians, who are at high levels, they have corrupted everything, every path, teaching, religion, spiritual body, teacher and guru on this earth.
So, we have to divulge information as downloads and in cryptic ways, but, you will find the info at the right time. If you are here, you are going to be freed from them.
I will explain more, you just have to be patient. I am here to work for the ascension of humanity, I have nothing to gain, I just want to see this world, this universe and all other universes that have been taken over by the dark ones, become free and I mean business.
So, who are light warriors of this earth. We are here to protect the sacred information, the sacred earth and to free humans from slavery. It has been too long, millions of years in slavery, mind control and torture. Now it’s time to free the earth, humans and all the earth’s inhabitants.
Light warriors are equipped to move in time and space, to free people, dimensions, places and eventually the earth. Light warriors are high level magi. Light warriors do not use dark magic, light warriors have become warriors because they taught the dark ones trying to rehabilitate them, trying to change them, heal them, teach them, but to no avail. Dark ones have not changed and the plan has been to remove them from this earth now.
Time has come and light warriors have been given the powers to remove those who do not come with clean hands, those who are criminals, perpetrators, destroyers, enslavers of the human race.
A lot of starseeds have undertaken the job of lightwarriors. There is a difference between lightworkers and lightwarriors. Lightworkers work with energy, are softer in their vibration and are here to heal the world.
Lightwarriors are more fierce. They loathe injustice, harm to others, harm to the planet, greed, destruction of the planet and to others.
If you’re naive, you still think that the dark is part of light and the yin in the yang.
You probably also believe that suffering is part of the divine plan? you have been conned. Divine has no plan to control, to harm, to hurt, to enslave. The divine has no plan for you to learn through pain and suffering. You are in pain and suffering because you have been conned to believe that darkness is part of the divine plan.
Let’s face it, a lot of great gurus, enlightened souls on this planet are saying this stuff, so why should we not believe it?
They have been conned, big time, through religious beliefs, old, manuscripts and scrolls, that have been infiltrated by the dark agenda.
So, what is this world? who is controlling it? This was a divine world, created by the prime creator and has been taken over by evil, millions of years ago.
Who is controlling the world? the evil, dark ones. They have been given lots and lots of chances to redeem themselves, to change, lightworkers came to heal them, educate them, given them a chance to change, but they chose the dark agenda.
So, then the prime creator had to change plans. Remember, we have been stuck here for millions of years, we have no way of leaving, because there are barriers to stop us leaving or coming in.
Today, I want to tell you, do not be confused anymore, the divine plan does not include pain and suffering. Hold on, if you’re here and you are light, you will have protection ^^^
Know that there are great plans to help divine healers, truth tellers, divine hearts, come with clean hands, the prime creator asks that we come with clean hands and pure hearts and we should all be in divine hands.

Here, you will find a lot of ways, information to ascend higher, I try not to give out info that can be used by the wrong people to do harm. It has happened to me before, I used to teach all kinds of metaphysical teachings, openly, it was used by someone to harm myself and other divine hearts.
SO, now I give information in downloads and to those who come with clean hands and pure hearts.
I want you to know that divine is here, divine is real, do not lose hope, we the lightwarriors are here to help, we do not take rubbish, we are ruthless with the dark ones. We have had to evolve and become tough, this world is ready to be cleared. If you are ready, join force and let’s do this, together.
Kiran G

Lightwarriors are here

All Resources Here!

Hi all, I am Kiran G and I am here to guide you, if you so choose to be here. There is no ego in me whilst I write this, as in I know more than you. I don’t know more than you, I am just at a good place and I am here to share how I have got through my own pain and suffering. There is no magic wand to eliminate all pain at once, it’s a gradual process. This is my way of giving back to the world I have lived in.

I am here to serve humanity, in its ascension. Believe me, I have waited long enough, i.e, hiding myself for as long as I could to do this work. But, I see the world crying, hurting and so many stars, lightbeings leaving this world in extreme despair. The loss of many good hearts (through suicide and being harmed by dark forces) has propelled me to be here, take part in the ascension process, fight with all my might and stop hiding.

I have been a hermit a while, in the caves of desolation, desperation, where some days have seemed too long, too dark, too much of an effort to even try. I want to tell you, the darkest of forces are harming humanity in all ways. The fight is not against races, people of other colour, religion, but against evil forces who have planned to enslave humanity even further. We all have to rise now.
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It’s Time To Rise!

New Times Are Here, Tribe. I am Ready and You are Too!

The Wait Is Over!

The Nectar Is Ready!
The Nectar is Ready

It’s been what seems like a long wait and a long way! Guess what? you are here. We are here and we are ready to rock and roll. Stick around and pay attention, because a lot is happening behind the scenes, when you are ready, you will turn up at the right time and l will turn up at the right time. We gave each other a time and a place to meet. This is the calling to gather, the horns have sounded, the genius is awake and the magic wants to come forth.
It’s time, let’s do this!
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Kiran G

Blame No One – Take Responsibility For Yourself!

Have you fallen into the trap of blaming others for the misery that befall you? things that continue to happen now, is in your hands.  You always have a choice.  I am of course referring to things and situations that we are able to change and are within OUR powers to change.

I am referring to circumstances that we are able to change, such as; leaving a toxic situation, healing our hearts from trauma, taking control of our emotions, becoming in charge of our lives, stop complaining, stop being the perpetual victim, heal the patterns of the past, standing up for ourselves, moving onto a new perspective, dimension, removing toxic people from our lives and so on.

There are many layers, levels, dimensions to pain and suffering.

If we remain somewhere or in a situation that we are able to control and we aren’t taking action, then we have to take responsibility for our action/inaction.  Become in control of your life, of your mind, if you are stuck in a toxic pattern, let me show you the way to free yourself.

Here at Golden Sun Academy, I have written a few books on healing the self, healing the self with love, healing the mind, body, spirit, especially the emotions.  I have also given some speeches, spoke at some seminars on how to be in control of the mind.

Most people on this earth are unconscious – they are walking, talking from the unconscious self, to become conscious of ourselves, we have to take a few steps and this is exactly what I teach, how to become conscious about everything in life.

By becoming conscious and in control of our minds, we become super-powers of focused laser-minds.  We can focus our attention to something and things manifest.  Most people are born and die in the unconscious mode.  This is what buddhist/hindu monks/priests have known for eternity.

If you would like to learn how to become a bank of super powers, get in touch.

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Kiran G