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Category: Trauma recovery

Karma, Layers, Levels and Dimensions!

Here I talk about Karma, layers, levels and dimensions. If you want to know more, look at the below podcasts, scroll down to the right one and take a listen. […]

This Is What’s Holding You Back!

You know, something big is holding you back! You want to move forward, but it’s not happening. A deep, big fear, an unknown force, that is really bringing a lot […]

Clearing Karmic Relationships.

Lots of questions about Karma and how to be free of it. Know that light workers are being freed from bad Karma right now, which weren’t ours in the first […]

Healing Emotional Traumas

How many of us are able to deal with our emotions in a positive manner? not being scared of them, process them and let them go in a timely manner? […]