Constellation Lineage Healing

Family placement - constellation healing - cosmic and galactic ancestors
Family placement, lineage healing, cosmic and galactic ancestors.

The Calling is Clear. They are ready to speak, the world must listen!

Life has a way of sorting itself out, if we hear its call. Everything has a way of falling into place. We know our mission, each one of us know what we’re here for. There is no mistake, no coincidence, it’s all meant to be the way it is meant to be, this is the divine union with the self.

Remembering the mission!
At the right time, we remember what we need to remember, something is triggered in the memory bank, we had elected it to be that way, everything happens in tandem, so we have done this (living life in this dimension) numerous times, but we didn’t manage to do we set out to do, so we come back, over and over and over again. That is how the soul learns and becomes wise.

Getting off the wheel of pain and suffering!
We can carry on the pain and suffering wheel, or we can come out of it, the soul having learnt a lot of lessons, elects to learn a set of lessons, these lessons are unique to our own growth. So, when the soul is ready to ascend, there are numerous triggers that is switched into place, it could be smell, sound, a trigger word, images, meeting a particular soul that instantly reminds us of the soul lessons we have had together or it could be a repeated experience. Whatever it is, it reminds us of what we need to do next.

The light is on
The switch is lit, we’re off to our soul ascension or more lesson learning. When there is soul ascension, we elect to come off the Karmic wheel, this is when we clear all debts, our debts that we have with others, this when we return all that’s not ours (others having dumped on us, used us, overburdened us with their own Karmic debt).

Clearing of Debt!
Furthermore, we take what’s ours in this clearing of debt. When we take what’s ours, we go to the source of the pain, the person, experience and we stand up to the person/group of people who have taken our powers away.

All this is to do with clearing the slate to get off the karmic wheel. After all the earth’s law is one of KARMA! everyone is on it, except those who have elected that they want to get off and getting off is not that easy, there is a lot of accounts to settle.

Clearing bloodlines!
During all of this, somehow, we have to heal our ancestral lineage, earth’s bloodline, all the way to all the ancestors who make part of us, then heal our collective race and family, then heal our cosmic and galactic bloodline. This is not an easy task, it takes a lot of work, struggles, transformation on many levels to achieve this. However, this can be achieved.

When healing the self, we must go to each family member in our lineage, visit our relationships with each, definitely most importantly, our mother and father, then grandparents, great grand parents and all the way to the cosmic and galactic ancestors. As we’re cosmic beings. A blockage in our life, most definitely means and blockage in our ancestor’s life.

A recurring bad episode/experience which does not go away means it goes all the way back to cosmic ancestors. They fought the same battles and felt the same pain. Something that just doesn’t go away, means that there is a lot of energy charge/emotional bonds/psychic bonds/trauma bonds attached.
If you hate someone, you just feel extreme hatred for this person and may not know where this is coming from. It is coming from the sum of your ancestors feelings, subconsciousness, emotional baggage, karmic lessons. This kind of lessons are difficult but not impossible to dissolve.

These extreme relationships/bonds mean that your whole family lineage have been through the same experiences and as we know, energy does not go away, but can be transformed, it is stored in our halls of records/subconciousness/akashic records forever – until cleared.

Forgiveness can only happen, when hearts of ancestors are ready to forgive!

There is no amount of forgiveness that you will practice will heal this traumatically charged relationship, it just doesn’t go away. The heart cannot be ready for forgiveness until the full extent of the experience is acknowledged through lineage/constellation healing.
Once the soul feels acknowledged, its pain heals, until this happens, the soul will not be able to move on, heal and forgive.

Ancestral Healing!
This is why ancestral healing is key to our own healing. Without the ancestor’s heart healing, we cannot heal. Those who have had extreme lives, traumas, experiences are now healing themselves, ready for the collective/ ancestral/cosmic ascension.

So, I know you’re ready for this information, those who need to know will know, the information is in your heart. If you need the extra help, you will find more information in my books, pages, blogs, art and sculptures. The info is here, if you look you will find.

Kiran G

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