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Courses at Super Success Coach


Group sessions – at a designated time and day

Super Success Coaching -in this session, I take you on a level that you understand your blocks, usually stemming from your belief system, culture, past lives, what you have observed from your parents and what’s stored inside your deep subconscious mind. I take you a journey of discovering yourself, usually others see what needs changing in our lives, easier than we do.  I help you see this, using my 6th sense, energy reading and connecting deeply with your soul.  I intuitively tell you what needs work, I ask questions about your subconscious belief systems, what you’ve come to believe and accept as your story, how the past impacts us still.  I unveil those blocks for you to see, be aware of so you can make a change, we do awareness Meditations, Reiki healing, Crystal Healing, Reprogramming, Deprogramming (NLP) and send you back as new to lead your life, your life purpose, your success and happiness.

Happiness Success Course – Everyone wants happiness, I get deep into your psyche, clear the old rubbish out, then I help you gain a new perspective on happiness, we work through your story, your barriers, your narrative, I show you your narrative, how it can be changed, deprogram the old story, help you program a new story, a happy one.  I do energy healing, clearing, reiki, crystals and the power to transform to aid in this life changing success.  You take away the tools to help you, so you can break all old patterns.

Relationship Success Course – having been in a relationship for 2 decades, yep that long! but seems so short though.  Every moment has been a respectful exchange for both of us.  It had its ups and downs, but on the majority part, our relationship has been very healthy and balanced.  With time, it is getting better and better.  I want to help you find your other whole (not half!) once you’re ready, s/he will come.  We just need to remove the barriers and fears that your story has  implanted in your mind.

​Wealth and abundant success  – how to remove barriers to come into your natural state of wealth and abundance.  This is done by seeing money as a divine energy, which can also be used to do infinite good.  The model of this world is based on greed, chaos and slavery around money.  Once we remove all there barriers, we are then able to see money as a good energy, that which can bring us and those we are about to help a lot of good.  Once we are able to switch our belief system around money, we are able to attract it really fast.  I help you explore your relationship with money.


Career/Life purpose success – this is your soul calling, I help you realise your true calling, what makes you happy, remove those barriers for you to become the next intelligentsia in your field of purpose.


Mindfulness –  it’s time for mindful living.  As everythin falls apart in the world, old paradigms dissolve, all that’s no good destroyed, this is a time for mindful living, for living in our highest ethical, moral self.  This is what the world needs, not more slavery, more materialim, but living with the heart, in a world that is fast changing.

Thrive – how to thrive into this world, there is a formula, the formula of success.  I share this formula with you, so you can thrive too.

Move on Course  – if you’re stuck into a place, you cannot move on, someone or something has hurt you, harmed you, you cannot move on from this trauma, I use a lot of energy work, reiki, crystals, clearing energy to transform your life.  I give you the ultimate gift of moving on, the secret, the last push.  This has come to me whilst being stuck in a horrible situation for around 10 years, I became co-dependent on pain and suffering and the energy that was providing it.  The cycle was destructive, I couldn’t get out, however much I wanted to.  Then came the ultimate answer, nothing worked, absolutely nothing.  I have been writing books about self help methods, how to heal oneself, nothing worked for this particular issue that I was facing constantly, daily, several times a day, then this amazing tool came to me, when I was really ready to release that energy.

Other Courses

  • Abundantia Abundance Ray

  • Etheric Crystals courses

  • Soul Reading

  • 22 Chakra Healing, balancing, clearing, deprogramming of old holograms, upgrading the light vessel to divine bluebrint

  • Colour of angels

  • Angels journey activation program

  • Self Love – Learn how to love yourself again, put yourself first and honour yourself, that’s when you’ll have infinitely more to give in service.

  • Soul Matrix Healing

  • Healing mental, physical, etheric, emotional, spiritual, astral grids

  • Deprogramming self destruction and sabotage

  • Know your life purpose

  • Know your life purpose – soul plan – a reading

  • Managing your life; be super abundant, your divine right

  • Removing/clearing/deleting karma – for those ones with good karma (dispensation)

  • Deprogramming Vibratory Sickness

  • Managing your energy – removing vampirism – how not to be ‘a sponge’

  • The crystalline starseed, lightseed, earthseed

  • Remember your origin – who you are!

  • Super Shielding and protection

  • Karmic relationships – Releasing/deleting – Dysfunctional relationships, releasing co-dependency, addictive relationships, destructive programs of bad relations, narcissists, gas lighters, sociopaths, clearing trauma bonds, cutting cords, dissolving, vapourising karma, karmic relationships, clearing/deleting Karma.

  • Live an abundant life on earth

  • Healing separation trauma – from land of origin, star of origin, fallen atlantis, golden atlantis, mother, father, child, twin soul, from self, sacred land, masculine/feminine, releasing grief, sadness, loss of land, loved ones, planet of origin, twin soul, friends, family, star ancestors, death, pain and suffering, loss of life, releasing invasion, slavery, uprooting of soul, earth mother, father, god, children, loss of everything, atlantis, earthseeds, starseeds – loss programs, darkness and evil ones.

  • Calling back your soul

  • How to use crystal healing, programming, deprogramming, clearing and for manifestation

  • Grounding and protection

  • How to love yourself – put yourself first, self love.  Book is avalaible.

  • Taking back your lost powers

  • How to energetically stand up to bullies/stalkers/violators/abusers/dark knights/disrespectful/violent dark ones. Empowering divine feminine.

  • Empowering the divine feminine – Coming into your power,  recognising your worth, self worth, removing toxic energies from your life, controlling males/abusive males energetically. Clearing Karma with mother, mother figures.

  • Empowering the divine masculine – Coming into your power,  recognising your worth, self worth, removing toxic energies from your life, removing controlling females/abusive females energetically. Clearing Karma with father and father figures.
  • How to have high standards for yourself

  • Become whole again – call back your light soul, pieces, fragmented consciousness

  • Invoke elemental healing – Balance all elements of life, earth, water, fire, air and spirit.

  • Connect with shaman self

  • Twin Soul reunion/Twin rays/blue ray/leader 1

  • Remember Golden Atlantis

  • Your art, service/mission as light ones

  • Lightwarriors‘ mission

  • Lightworkers’ mission

  • Anchoring crystalline consciousness

  • Seeding the LAW OF ONE!

  • The Ray of Balance and Knowledge

  • Release fear of yourself, your own powers, your own light, your own super self.

  • Remove abusive people, energies, entities, souls from your life

  • Uncloaking yourself – lightseeds – becoming visible, using half cloaks until you’re fully ready.

  • Divine feminine’s return – Healing the Divine Feminine

  • Balance divine feminine and masculine – A hologram clearing/purification/deprogramming

  • Healing the soul matrix

  • Removing guilt, shame, blame, humiliation and unforgiveness 

  • Ancestors/ancestars

  • Compassion towards self and the dark ones

  • Restoring original blueprint – Upgrading original blueprint – Lightcodes

  • Lightwarrior’s laser beam gaze

  • Lightwarrior’s UPGRADE!

  • Lightwarriors ACTIVATE!

  • Lightwarrior’s protective technology

  • Lightwarrior’s securing technology

  • Forgiveness
  • Removing programs, plugs, implants, parasitic entities, archons, draco aliens.

Clearing/Deprogramming Sessions

  • Clearing, Implants Removal Sessions – Become your divine blueprint, that you were meant to be, which was the loving creator’s plan for you.  In these sessions, I clear your divine blueprint, I remove pain and suffering programs, break old poverty vows, programs, I reconnect you to your divine upgraded blueprint, to enjoy life as it was meant to be as your divine self.

  • Clearing fear programs

  • Clearing implants

  • Clearing twin soul implants/ destructive programs

  • Clearing persecution programs

  • Releasing others’ Karma/burdens/pain and suffering – Return to rightful owner

  • Clearing ancestors/ancestars

  • Removing sexual implants

  • Remove black magicians/dark knights/lowest vibes

  • Clearing akashic records

  • Clearing ancestors and ancestral karma

  • Clearing DNA
  • Clearing soul memories/cell memories

  • Clear violent memories of fallen Atlantis, fallen civilisations, fallen ones – but we’ll never forget.

  • Clearing false twin programs

  • Clear all distorted blueprints

  • Clear abduction memories
  • Clear/dissolve/vapourise abduction implants
  • Dissolve/vapourise programs such as ‘There’s no right, there’s no wrong’, ‘we are one with dark ones’

  • Clearing/vapourising/dissolving all illusions/illusory programs such as ‘darkness is part of light’, ‘darkness is an illusion’  &’There is no light without darkness’ programs/holograms

  • Dissolving/Removing frequency fences and energetic barriers that separates from prime creator

  • Removing/dissolving illness, ageing, suffering, and early death programs

  • Removing/deprogramming predation, prey, victimisation, parasitism, and competition Programs

  • Removing/deprogramming struggle for survival programs

  • Breaking all contracts, agreements, vows, oaths with dark ones, Breaking Covenants, implants with darkness

  • Renouncing dark ones completely

  • Dismantling all dark grids on our universe and this earth.

  • Removing unfocused, erratic, confused, energy patterns/delusion, illusion/confusion

  • Clearing subconscious, removing poverty program, poverty consciousness, clearing, uprooting, reprogramming, seeding, calibrating, anchoring new abundant program.

  • Clarity is power.  The best of the best.  More valuable, service.

  • Removing being broke, poor, constant struggle, poverty programs, ancestral poverty, in debt, begging for money, laziness, clearing being slave of money, removing doubt, poor family, poor parents

  • Removing Persecution Programs – Wizard of Atlantis – Curse of Atlantis programs

  • Removing blocks programs

  • Clearing soul records




In light we come.

Kiran G