Divine Feminine

Return of The Divine Feminine!

The return of the divine feminine is now!
It’s been a long time coming, we have waited for too long and finally, it is here!

Can you feel the extreme joy? I can! I am ecstatic. Yes, there have been forces, dark forces who’ve come to defeat the divine feminine, but they stood no chance.
They never had any chance, they never had powers in the first place, they stole and extorted powers from the divine mother/goddess.

Isn’t it strange that it is the evil male who comes to defeat the divine feminine? They stand no chance, not a single one. OK, they may have inflicted horror, terror, but eventually the divine feminine rises with such force, that the demon is dissolved.

Also, remember, it is the feminine that creates men and women. How can the evil, masochistic, predatorial, power hungry masculine defeat what has made it? the woman brought into life! no chance. Wherever we look the feminine has been subjugated, enslaved, beaten, raped, extorted energetically by mostly males who are so angry that they dump their pain and suffering onto the woman!

This is not a judgement, but the way of the world so far. The aggressive, domineering, enslaving macho man thought he could destroy the divine feminine, but, it didn’t happen. In fact what has been destroyed is the evil male who beats, enslaves, rapes, trespasses, tortures the divine feminine.

This writing is not about the divine masculine, these divine males are rising too, it is about those who enslaved, their time is over and the divine masculine is rising fast. Those divine feminine who is stuck with a demon masculine, have faith, you will come out, very soon. Keep on doing the hard work.

For now, know that the divine feminine has risen. I shall write more on this topic very, very soon. In the meantime, you can find books, writing, blogs, art and all kinds of creation that has all the healing vibes.

Kiran G

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