Kiran G Books

Healing Express Oracle Book – this is a book with over 800 guided messages, you can pick and read randomly, you will always get the accurate message you need.  This book has received phenomenal reviews. 

Heal yourself with Self Love – Ebook – 

learn about self love, how self love and can your life.  This is a book that helps you understand how important self love is.

Heal YourSELF Part 1 –

this book helps you dissect the different layers and levels of healing.  The spiritual, emotional, physical and mental grids.  It has lots of exercises, affirmations, tools to help you heal all the grids of your own I am self.

Heal Yourself Self Empowerment Oracle Cards –

Sold out currently, as this was a limited edition oracle cards.  This helps you to heal through lightcodes, colours, hidden messages and words.  A very colourful deck to help you heal further.

Mindfulness and Trauma Recovery – a 10 week course

A 10 week course, to help you heal from traumas.  This course is a step by step approach, to help you heal yourself deeply and mindfully.  It gives you the tools to heal your subconscious self through awareness.

Clearing Karma For Beginners

This course helps you to become aware of all your relationships and how to clear yourself from old bad karma, once you clear yourself from bad karma, then your good karma will line up to come into your life.

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