Managing Your Mental Wealth!

Mental Wealth
How Do We Stay Above All The Mental and Emotional Pollution?

If you and I have been living in the same world, then you know, with every breaking news, rolling news, social media on fire, constantly putting out new breaking stories every rolling hour or half hour. There is a totally overload of bad news in the world.
What have we realised? that the world is definitely in a dark place.
So, 2020 seemed to be pretty good at revealing everything to us, it’s like non-stop boom, pow, bang on steroids and adrenaline. It has been non-stop bad news. Now, more than ever, we must preserve our mind energy and have a close look at what we are consuming, in terms of information.

The wealth that is more scarce than gold or the most precious bling in the world – Mental Wealth.
If you have your mental health intact, well done to you. It’s a rare occurrence these days. If on top of that you have some wealth, well, you have been able to see the world from a vantage point, but take action at the same time. Ah, You Star!

some tips to help you>
1. Wake up early and have some goals in your mind or on paper. If you are really down, your goal would be to may be eat a meal on time, do something for yourself, do something small for your body, perhaps move your body a little bit, wherever you are on your journey, know that everyone is different and will have a different need for themselves.
2. Take it easy, go slow, do little things slowly, start small and build up from there, be constant, do even one small thing for you, do a mental activity, a physical activity and emotional activity. Mental activity could something to relax your mind completely, when you are relaxed, you will heal completely. It could be meditation, colour therapy, painting, drawing and something you love doing. A physical activity of your choice and emotional activity means ask yourself what you need to deal with, emotionally. What is paining me? become aware, face it, one thing at a time.
3. Eat well, eat a good meal, take supplements, drink enough water.
4. Listen to very healing music, mine is hang drum music, which soothes me completely, try it you may like it.
5. Talk about your pain, reveal it to yourself, if you have a good friend, talk to them about it, ask them first if they want to talk to you about your own pain, are they in that space to hear, otherwise we may be dumping on them.
That way we respect their mental, emotional, spiritual space as well. If you have no one, journal, write it all down on paper, or on your computer.
6. Have a routine – surround yourself with positive people when you are in a painful space, this will protect your energy, stay around happy people, if you can, those who are positive, wise or cheerful, these people are gems in life aren’t they?
7. Have strong boundaries, say no and say yes only when you want to. This will protect your mental and emotional space. It will make you feel good about yourself, as you become more confident. When we are fragile, we tend to think we can’t choose, we must put up with everything, we don’t have to, your life, your choices, your mental health, look after it like you would look after your loved one.
8. Use affirmations – “I am healthy, I am mentally wealthy, I love myself, I honour myself, I only allow goodness in my life, I respect myself, I listen to all my needs, I look after my inner child, I am attracting only good in my life …” I have a healing guide book, filled with affirmations, find it here.
9. Be kind and loving to yourself, be patient.
10. Go into nature. Trees heal deeply, go near water, water heals, the elemets heal deeply.
11.Breathe deeply, when we have traumas we forget to breathe properly, most of the time, we have shallow breath and that does feed our brain properly. Deep breathing can solve a lot of issues in our body, only we remember to.
12. Try to laugh a little. Play funny movies, practice laughing yoga (such a funny thing to do haha hoho 😀 )
13. Change your perspective, this is difficult, but if you can think of something that makes you really happy, place yourself there a few times a day, this will change the brain chemistry, you will then get a break from the hormones that make us sad, depressed, down, or in a fight, flight and freeze mode.
14. Know that you’ll come out of this, seek support, talk to someone, know that you aren’t bothering them by telling them how you feel.

Much love,

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