Mindfulness Coaching!

When we are ready for life, it moves and shifts in our favour.

Life is tough, there are so many challenges in life. Gains and losses are all part of life. When we win we’re happy, but what about when we “lose”? How do we take life when we perceive loss?

Loss is part of life. It is the yin of yang. It is a necessary part of growth. What is important is that we know how to deal with loss? Some of us feel loss in a disproportionate way. Some of us has felt so harmed that it seems inconceivable that we can heal. But, we can heal. There are answers to our pain and suffering. We can heal all the pain that we have, we can clear a lot of old energies – through mindfulness.

It’s not easy to live in this world that is constantly shifting, moving, changing. In this age of information, it seems there is an information overload and everything wants to reveal itself.

Nature of things are constantly moving, shifting, changing. Nothing stays static for a long time. Truth is being revealed, light is rising and is going to continue rising.

So, when we choose to ascend higher, we cannot go back to the way we were. Life is hard when lessons are presented, but it’s the ones who have the right perceptions who make it in this tough world.
Why do we need the right perception? what has it got to do with anything? actually, perception is everything.
Once we change our perception, we change everything. Mindfulness teaches us to do just that! Mindfulness teachings teach us to remain grounded in the present moment, it teaches us how to deal with the painful past to have a fruitful present moment.
It’s a process of self love, self mastery, continuous self development.
Here at Golden Sun Academy, we provide courses to align the individual to their own truth, we practice kindness and compassion and teach with an open heart.

I have put together a 10 week mindfulness course combined with art therapy to heal the self. It is especially for those who are unable to release the past, always triggered by others, feel under threat, victimised, cannot find peace, always confused about things, broken, wounded, feels they have bad karma, nothing works in life, feels like what’s the point? nothing works, feels unlucky, bad things always happen, always sick, unhealthy and life just doesn’t work.

Then, this course will benefit you and your circumstances. If you have tried everything, try this and see if it works for you. This mindfulness course not only teaches you how to become in control of triggers, but also find the root of the problem, pin point the core belief system and figure our your “operating system” – whilst we do a total reboot. By finding the root cause of the problem, then issues will heal.
This course is designed to go to the root of the problem, I give you tools to explore, ways to cope with tough challenges and change the ways we approach situations and life general.
I have written an informational eBook to help you decide if this course is for you. Download it here for free and begin your journey. This will help you decide whether you need to do the course or not.

In the course we cover:
Ways to cope with stressful situations
Going to the root cause of the problem
How to empower ourselves
Lots of exercises, visualisations to empower the brain into a new way of thinking.
How to make the best of this life
I include Art Therapy – Drawing, painting to heal
Deep revelation during art-making
Combining Mindfulness and Art Therapy
We learn to be in control of ourself
We learn our triggers
Why we behave in certain ways
We go back into the past to reveal all the root causes
This is done in a safe place.
We learn how our unconscious and subconscious minds work
We arm ourselves with the right information, so we can make empowered decisions.
Hope to see you soon
Kiran G

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