One United Human Heart!

The human heart is beating, it wants to unite, to become one, with the whole.  One with love, into peace, love and compassion.  The separation of the hearts is coming to an end, we’re coming together, we want to come together, we want to unite, we want to hug each other,

005 - Copywe want to love each other, we are all tired of hating, we do not want to hate, to separate anymore, we are feeling the love of the one human heart, that wants to be united, in harmony, peace, love and acceptance and it is time.  Those who are in separation, will continue to become separated from the whole, those who want to unite, will first unite with their own hearts, mind, body and soul.  The completion of the self unity, will bring the world in
magic-happens-020.jpgto further, peace, love and harmony.

To unite, we had to separate and become separated. We’ve to work with a lot of darkness,  to learn about separation, death, pain and suffering, all this is bringing us together, to unite within us first, then with others, only then we are ready to unite this world.

We have been removing all barriers, all hurdles, everything that keeps us separated and


broken.   We have made peace with pain and suffering and allowing judgement to fall away.  It’s all a process of wholeness, everything is in order, even when it all seems in chaos, as everything is working out for the best of all.


There is nothing to fear, life knows how to balance itself.  It does know how to live.  Death and loss is part of life, with death comes a surge of life.  New seeds sprouting, shooting up from under the earth, from being in darkness, the new seeds sprouts with a burst of life and shows itself over the surface of the earth.  Then, it grows and grows and grows.  This is life.

Life and this universe want to become united with all.  It is uniting and making way for love, peace, balance, harmony and compassion.

There are signs of unity everywhere, separation is falling away, more and more people are breaking down barriers to make way for a united consciousness.  United in love, peace, balance, harmony and beauty.

Kiran G


Be At Peace With Yourself!


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