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Hi magical people, you are at the right place. Here I will teach you how to elevate yourself to the next level. Here and at all my different platforms, I bring to you communication of the highest levels to heal the deepest layers of pain and suffering. You have been lied to, this world is an illusion, what you do not see is reality. There is another world at play, behind the scenes, like a thousand movies playing all at once and humanity is in a trance, that is keeping humans in a loop of repeated information. Humans are ready to rise high. If this is you, stick around and of course, pay attention, there'll be lots of information. Master the information that are ready to be revealed and you become a master of this world! Don't forget to check my YouTube! Kiran G

Release All Conflicts Within!

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Well, do you feel you are a victim? and things just happened TO you? and feel victimised by what happened? bitter? resentful? angry towards others for hurting you? What else are you bitter about?

STOP! right now.  Once you stop feeling like a victim, you will surmount all your challenges.  YOU played a role in what happened too, if it was not what you wanted, or expected, then did you act? You acted and you’re now in a good place, but still stuck in what happened years back?

Release that past.  No it wasn’t good.  But now you’re in a good place, make your life what you want now.  Sculpt it, chisel it in your masterpiece and LET THE PAST GO!

If not, 10 years down the line, you’ll still be regretting the past, still be angry about people who did you wrong.

Look at it this way.  Did the past and all its bad things teach you GOOD lessons? are you wiser for it? are you more knowledgeable? are you more powerful? Do you have more tools in your little “tool bag of life”

Then, you are more empowered.  Release all conflicts within, forgive the past.  Allow yourself to live a life of beauty and love now.

It’s your time.

Great empowerment and ascension to you. Glad we have connected.

Kiran G


See Love Where There Is None!


See the truth of situations.   Really see the truth, because not seeing what is really happening is denial.

Once we see the truth.  Then, draw strict boundaries.  Remove abusive people from your life, be assertive with others.  Because being too good is going to make you into a martyr. Because if we don’t know how to say no.  Then, we will be taken advantage of.

The truth is, there are very bad people out there.  Some do not seem to have control over the darkness inside them.  That’s the truth, there are some beings walking this earth who are destructive.  As pure hearts, be discerning.  Make choices and eliminate situations and people, that’s a healthy thing to do.

This might be an obvious thing, but those who are good people, do not know how to say no, how to draw boundaries and how to remove people from their lives.

Those who have only darkness in them, who harm energetically, spiritually, by carrying out certain actions to harm others, see them with compassion.

They must have gone through bad experiences to be in this bad place.  Definitely remove these beings from your life.  But, do not hate them, no matter how big their crime.

See them with compassion.  And if you can, see them with Love in your heart.  That should heal any situation and raise your vibration on the Richter Scale.

When you reach that stage, you will no longer attract those who are of lower vibe.

Great stuff, keep on ascending.

Kiran G

Connect To The Highest Vibrations!


Yes, it’s true, we live in illusory times.  Nothing is as it seems to be.  A lot of situations and people are disguised in light.

We have have trusted the wrong people, placed our faith where we shouldn’t have.  But, instead of feeling like a victim, if we see our lessons as empowering instead of victimising, then we have won.

Do you automatically think that the world is out to get you? or is everything as it should be, you are where you should be, you are only learning what you elected to learn.

Once you see the part YOU have to play in every situation, then you are no longer a victim.  You are a powerful co-creator.

Life only gives you what you affirm.  Affirm power and you shall manifest power.  Release the negativity and see only light in everything.  Even in the worst of people and situations.

If something doesn’t work for you, remove it, release it.  Start all over again, with the knowledge and wisdom you have amassed, whilst making all your mistakes. 🙂

See.  It’s not so bad.  You’ve turned out an ace of a person.

Great ascension.  Great to connect here tribe. Stay with the high vibe.

Kiran G



Kiran G – Self Empowerment – Boundaries!


Good souls, pure hearts! make sure you have strong boundaries with your energetic and physical bodies.

It’s precarious time, some will come to you to rip your energies from you, if you don’t give it voluntarily, they will violently take it.

As we are directly connected to the divine.  The mother/father, is our provider of positivity and those who cannot generate their own energies, steal it with violence from others.

A good routine to have every single day is to:

Ground, shield and protect.  Do this as many times as possible during the day.

REMOVE those who are abusive to you and your wellbeing.  Most times, these individuals project their negativity on us, because we are good souls, we don’t know how to say no, how not to accept these dark entities’ destructive energies.  When you are peaceful, then suddenly feel hatred, anger, dark thoughts, know that someone negative from your life has projected themselves and their dark karmic energies on you.


Do not keep these energies, return them to the sender, say NO energetically, cleanse your energy/chakras/aura, then surround yourself with love, send these beings love and forgiveness.

Forgive them, but make sure you do not ever connect to these beings ever again.  Remove all trace of these beings from your life.

Cut cords, cut trauma cords, trauma bonds, cleanse/clear yourself many times a day.

Do not allow these dark beings to carry on doing what they have been doing forever: abuse you and your goodness.

It’s time we RISE! and good hearts, it’s our turn to lead this earth.

Kiran G