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Respect Her!


Some see women as objects, to be owned, possessed and controlled.  Thank goodness that in my surroundings I have men who love, honour and respect me and all women around me.  However, that’s not to say that I haven’t met those who are contempt-filled for women.  Especially speaking of one soul, who looked peaceful on the surface, but when you peeled the layers, he hated women, with passion.  He hated women, an innate hatred that cannot be healed.

As an energetic healer, shaman, reiki master, coming into close energetic proximity of this being made my skin crawl, couldn’t stand being around the dark energy of this soul.  Bad karma surrounds him, horror – filled past lives, bad stories with slavery of souls,  raping of women, even more bad karma from ancestors.  The only person I have met with so much horror in their soul.  This person is doing exactly the same thing in this lifetime too.  Harming women has become a habit!

I want to say to women, please speak up, remove the rose tinted glasses, speak out, do not make it look like it’s good when it’s not, do not romanticise violence, I see too many women making excuses, when there is violence there is no love, he can’t love you if he’s beating you, raping you, emotionally abusing you.  NO!

I hear women being raped, abused, extreme violence and control exerted upon us every single day.  I have had the luck never to be in such a place physically, however, in my profession in the legal and educational field I have come across beings who are abused a lot.

Spiritually, I feel the energy of others and so I see, even if it’s from a distance, I innerstand all the energy of a soul.  I remove people who are abusive in any shape or form.

The men who hate women are broken, they have come to hate their mothers, for whatever happened to them when they were a child and they take it out on women whom they feel a threat.  The way to break a woman is through beating, violence and rape.  Look around, how many women are being controlled, silenced that way?

We will not be silenced anymore.  I speak on behalf of all women who still feel the violence in our collective, we feel for ourselves, our sisters who are being harmed everyday and can’t leave for financial, cultural, religious, personal reasons or out of fear of life.

Evil men are everywhere, make sure you do everything to remove them from your life.  If you stay and feel sorry for them, you’ll end up six feet under, they cannot be helped or healed.   Some women stay because they want to save the man, please dear goddess, don’t do that, these men cannot be helped.

I have seen into the soul of a broken man, he cannot be helped.  He is haunted and the problem isn’t yours to fix.  I work spiritually with many people, as a shaman, healer, reiki master, I say it as it is, I don’t sugar coat anything.

Speak up, speak out, do not be scared anymore.  I say it as it is …

Save yourself!

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It’s OK to say NO to others!




You don’t have to sacrifice yourself by hoarding bad influences and people in your life.  If you have been too good and felt that you always had to say yes to be good, then that’s self sacrifice.   Do not be scared to pull out your sword and cut out anything or anyone who has been disrespectful to you and your values.

Say NO, loud and clear, remove those who are disrespectful – that is self love.  Tell others what you really think of them, if others are trying to humiliate you, tell them off.  Tough love is still love.

Without strong boundaries, others will come to take from you, by force.  And you won’t have the power to say no, you will accept all injustices, violence of other fallen souls.

You don’t have to be martyr anymore.  Allow yourself to be good, by saying no, it’s ok to say no, to value yourself, remove violent souls from your life, those souls will throw a lot of hatred and anger at you when you remove them, because they feel entitled to your space, energy and life.

It’s time to stand up for yourself and stop the self sacrifice by keeping bad souls in your life.  There are many of them, they seek to empty themselves of their pain, by projecting it onto you.

You end up being filled with their anger, negative karma and energies.  It’s not yours, release them to source.

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Give Yourself The Ultimate Gift!


When we respect ourself, we gift ourself the ultimate gift that life can offer.  With self respect comes goodness.  Respect yourself enough – to say NO to something/someone that’s not good for you, to reject what’s harmful, to remove what’s not wanted.

When you value yourself highly, you become priceless.  You make healthy choices to value yourself even more,  do make sure that you clear your life of bad/negative influences, those negative influences will try their best to keep on attaching themselves to you, do everything in your power to remove them, for your well-being.

Value yourself so highly to remove those whom are detrimental to your peace, life-force, well-being.  What I found that even though I removed those who are horror-filled, they keep on coming back to attach themselves to me.

If you have goodness, energy and life-force from good karma, those who don’t have good karma, will try and  attack/attach themselves to you, to usurp your good karmic bank account.

Make sure you do everything in your power to remove them, energetically! as they will attach themselves to you, again and again, clean, clear, heal, seal your energy so they fall away and never able to attach to you again.

Cut cords, return their energy, balance karma, forgive!

The lesson is complete, closure is taking place.

Kiran G



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Releasing Old Karma!


It’s not going to go away, until we balance the Karma with each other.  Your enemies are not going anywhere, they will stay for as long as you want to remain in the bondage of pain and suffering.

Now, you have both been learning and teaching each other, what needs to be learnt.  However, this lesson cannot be healed if you stay in your anger, bitterness, hatred bondage.

Life will remain painful and angry, for however long you need the lessons for.  Then, once you clear yourself and the ancestors of the old stories, narratives, the energy shifts and go away.  It is ready to go away and transform into what it needs to.

You may be angry that there is no justice done in this, that you have lost too much, that you have been a victim for so long, how can you allow this to end because justice has not been served.

The justice is YOU LEAVING!  once you leave, karma is still active for other parties who did what they did, you leave, your karma is balanced, with this entity, it doesn’t mean that their karma is balanced.

They need to pay what they need to pay.  You are free, you haven’t to worry about what others do and not do, as everyone has a bank of karmic balance.  Karma is the law of this earth, it keeps checks and balances, it is here to keep everyone balanced, now, you carry on with your life, leave others with their karma.

That is the justice being served.  Forgive others, let them go.

Peace, respect and love

Kiran G

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Life Is a Switch!


We switch roles all the time,  we become teacher, learner, master, victim, persecutor, rescuer, fixer, defender, prosecutor, patient, doctor, mother, child, brother, sister, strong, weak, bad, good, lover, hater, ascended, descended, rise, fall,  success, failure, and every other role that is available to humanity at this time.

A soul takes many different forms, to learn about the different energies that is available for the benefit of it.  A soul cannot be complete if it hasn’t been everything that this planet has to offer.

In taking different roles, the soul grows exponentially, we choose our teachers, students depending on the lessons that we have elected to learn.  When we are stuck in a particular lesson, for a super long time, there is a lot to do.  If someone you have met and bring extreme lessons and memories, then this lesson is teaching you to stand up for yourself.


If the other soul was a persecutor, you are learning to stop being a victim/rescuer.  If the other soul was a victim, you are electing to learn to be perhaps a persecutor/rescuer.  To break this horror-filled lessons, you are learning to balance karma, as you decided that this time you will free yourself from these pain-filled lesson.


The other soul has agreed to do the same.  SO, you meet again and do the same things again, during all this, the memory/akashic record, karmic records are burst open, you see, remember everything, as it happened.  Your soul is remembering past lives, past actions, inactions and you are stuck in those memories.

Particularly if it’s something or someone, you do not like.  You are brought face to face with this entity and the memories, subconscious self opens the flood gates, they come bursting forth, the anger, bitterness, resentment grow and grow.  Your mind is in charge, your subconscious is playing with you, you feel it’s happening now ( and it is!) but it is happening in the past ( as time is an illusion).

There is no past, present and future, we are all living simultaneously in the past, Present and future.  That is why the subconscious mind cannot make the difference between past/present and future.  The soul is remembering past lifetimes, what happened, all the pain and suffering is bigger than before, the soul wants to clear it.

When you meet someone whom you feel super charged against.  There are many factors at play, the energy, frequency, vibration is amplified.  The subconscious is playing with you, it’s happened in a past life, but the feeling is the same or bigger, the soul wants justice and karma balanced.

The present is a mixture of our memories, our subconscious self, our conscious self, our higher self, our karma (actions/inactions), past lives, ancestors karma, the collective memory, the elemental play and so many other factors.

Everything is tied together, to make the present self.  Now, you know what you feel, it feels real, it feels like it’s all happening all at once and it is.

A few things you have to do, to balance karma.  If you were victimised for a long time, your soul will tell you to take your powers back from those who took it with violence and force.  The earth is trying to make amends, to balance karma, with each being on this planet, each being is also trying to do the same.  There are some beings here who are controlling and who have enslaved the minds of the populace.

Most people are walking in a trance, a hypnotic-trance, that they aren’t even aware of.  Once you become aware of who is controlling, you awake!

Your lessons are what they are for you.  No one else will innerstand your lessons.  You are doing what you need to do, to heal yourself and everything else that you have come into contact with.  Sometimes you are going to have to be the super-warrior, to be the leader, the master and it is that time.  Now!

Peace and love to you!

Kiran G

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Clearing The Past, Free From Entanglements!

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Kiran G Books

Sometimes we have to teach others good lessons, so they can learn.  It seems that some people do not learn unless you give them a good serving of their own crap that they hurl at others.

Teachable moments, I love them.  Now they are aware of what they have done to others, for souls who can’t learn their lessons, there have to be super strong teachable moments/lessons.

It’s all in the name of teaching and I am a good teacher.  Those whom I teach/lecture, finally get it.  Do not become a victim of others, make sure they know it too!

Self Mastery

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It’s a journey of sorts.  Life is an anomaly, one that can only be deciphered once we look back.  Right in the midst of the brouhaha, nothing is clear, but then later, things become clear.

The test is undergone, without having had a chance to; revise or go through instructions (because there are none)!  The exam can be repeated several times, until we get it right.  However, in the process of resits, retakes, life can become so tiring, that so many give up!

When the lessons haven’t been mastered,  the people, situations, events continue.  So, if we’re learning to take back our powers, we will be presented with situations that are trying to break us down, power struggles, challenging of authority figures, breaking down barriers, speaking up and out about injustices and so on.

Depending on what we have elected to learn, the lessons are presented, not to forget Karma and past lives are also being played out, all at the same time.  Life is a labyrinth of webs, intertwined in a complex maze of networks.

Mastering all of it,  can take a lifetime! However, we are all doing it right now, all the people of past lives, from the past are all in our lives, right now! the anger you feel towards someone, isn’t a new feeling, it has all happened before and your subconscious remembers all of it.

Your frequency, vibration, bring all those from your past, to your life.  Then, you do all of it again, until you clear the slate and balance all karma with the ones whom you do not wish to engage ever again.

A soul becomes complete when it learns and masters all the darkness and light within and surrounding itself.  Balance is key.

Respect, freedom and unity for all souls!

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Kiran G Books – Words become Wisdom!

A crescendo of orchestra on the winds and wings

Ancient words surface, old roots uprooted, songs of the light language, in a tongue of foreign lands.

The words come on the wings of angels, they whisper in my ears, they want me to work hard, work non-stop, “I have purpose”, they say.

I write, the words cascade in my ears, like a crescendo of symphony of the best orchestra this world has ever heard, with harp music, songs of light.  Life is wisdom on the winds.

Let’s talk words.

Kiran G

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The Air Is Clear!

Words on Wings – When the Heart Carries on Beating

It’s a new beginning.  I smell the excitement in the air, the element seems to whisper to me, a whisper as gentle and loving as a murmur.

Life is promising, it has made a lot of promises to me.  Promises that I know it will keep.  It talks to me now, it tells me its stories, its pain, its suffering, its beauty, its struggles, it tells me it will be good, it tells me it will great, it will dance, sing, blossom and I am believing it.

Yes.  There, life is making promises to me and I am believing it.

How about you? are you willing to believe life and what it wants to offer you?

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Kiran G