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Hi magical people, you are at the right place. Here I will teach you how to elevate yourself to the next level. Here and at all my different platforms, I bring to you communication of the highest levels to heal the deepest layers of pain and suffering. You have been lied to, this world is an illusion, what you do not see is reality. There is another world at play, behind the scenes, like a thousand movies playing all at once and humanity is in a trance, that is keeping humans in a loop of repeated information. Humans are ready to rise high. If this is you, stick around and of course, pay attention, there'll be lots of information. Master the information that are ready to be revealed and you become a master of this world! Don't forget to check my YouTube! Kiran G

Healing Emotional Traumas

Healing emotions in a positive manner.

How many of us are able to deal with our emotions in a positive manner? not being scared of them, process them and let them go in a timely manner?

Ahh emotions! they can rule us, if allowed. They can have a life of their own, a life of autonomy and freedom that they exert over us. Emotions, when not under our control, can have devastating impact on our lives. They can become out of control, they can become destructive and have a lot of power over us.

That’s why we need to become conscious of them, become in control of them. Check out the video for more.
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Kiran G

Blame No One – Take Responsibility For Yourself!

Have you fallen into the trap of blaming others for the misery that befall you? things that continue to happen now, is in your hands.  You always have a choice.  I am of course referring to things and situations that we are able to change and are within OUR powers to change.

I am referring to circumstances that we are able to change, such as; leaving a toxic situation, healing our hearts from trauma, taking control of our emotions, becoming in charge of our lives, stop complaining, stop being the perpetual victim, heal the patterns of the past, standing up for ourselves, moving onto a new perspective, dimension, removing toxic people from our lives and so on.

There are many layers, levels, dimensions to pain and suffering.

If we remain somewhere or in a situation that we are able to control and we aren’t taking action, then we have to take responsibility for our action/inaction.  Become in control of your life, of your mind, if you are stuck in a toxic pattern, let me show you the way to free yourself.

Here at Golden Sun Academy, I have written a few books on healing the self, healing the self with love, healing the mind, body, spirit, especially the emotions.  I have also given some speeches, spoke at some seminars on how to be in control of the mind.

Most people on this earth are unconscious – they are walking, talking from the unconscious self, to become conscious of ourselves, we have to take a few steps and this is exactly what I teach, how to become conscious about everything in life.

By becoming conscious and in control of our minds, we become super-powers of focused laser-minds.  We can focus our attention to something and things manifest.  Most people are born and die in the unconscious mode.  This is what buddhist/hindu monks/priests have known for eternity.

If you would like to learn how to become a bank of super powers, get in touch.

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Kiran G

Return of the divine feminine


starseed sirianIf life has been a long struggle for you, not understanding this world, the culture, politics, religions, faiths and belief systems of this world have been a problem, then you are like me.

Systems have been corrupt and destructive, it has been a long journey to first innerstand the ways of this world, dirty politics, no good intentions, not much goodness, where good seems to suffer and horrible things and people thrive.

If you’re like me, a sensitive soul, trying to innerstand this world and also to live in its violent systems, then, it would have taken you a long time.  It’s taken me all my life.

I have met some shady characters, passing as good.  All they want is to fleece you of your goodness, they look good and if you’re trusting like I am, then you have been fleeced probably all your life.  But, it’s ok, we now know what this world is made of.  Lots of bad people, trying to take advantage, take, own, possess, violate, persecute, victimise others.  They want to make a fast buck, own, possess others’ energy! Beware!!!

Then, there are the good people, who are honest, kind, givers, healers, selfless beings, healing, rebuilding, creating, speaking good words, acting with the highest integrity, high moral compass, who never sold their souls to the corrupt people and systems.

We are the warriors, the misfits, the rebels, the one who are always fighting for justice, humanity, righteousness, goodness.  We are changing the world with our force, we are the powers of the past, present and future.  We are here to make waves, to change the system from within, we are here to stay.

We failed big, we died many times, our souls drowned many times, we dissociated with these systems all our lives, we have been depressed, stressed, sick and dis-eased, because everything around us has been rotten, it was tough to trust, as we are such trusting beings, we trusted the wrong people, we trusted evil kinds.  We fell hard.

As light warriors, we have been here for a long time, we have lost for that long, but not anymore, we have risen and we are here to remain risen.  Evil masters came in many disguises to defeat us, they came as friends, masked themselves as perhaps lovers, benefactors, friends, colleagues, bosses, mentors, politicians, gurus, spiritual guides, teachers, students or someone close to us.

We’re the light ones, we may not have known everyone’s intentions right from the start, but now we do, we have unveiled everyone, we know everyone’s intentions, we innerstand relationships, people, humans, race, religion, politics, politicians, educational systems, financial systems, gurus, we innerstand what’s good, what’s not.  We have been unmasking everyone.

We have kept what’s good for us and released what’s not good for us, we are here to stay, no one can defeat us, we have met evil in person and we have defeated them, they have no power over us and we have mastered their systems.

It’s now time to rise and many breakthroughs are here now.  It’s our time, know that not everything and everyone has good intentions, protect yourself, your work, your abundance, fruits of your labour, trust but with discernment, not everyone is your friend, not everyone is trustworthy.

Have faith, right now all is well and will be so.  You have surpassed the tough times and you have reached the other side, the safe passage is here, from now on, your life is going to be a masterpiece.

Take good care friend of light.  Keep your legacy of light, keep doing what you’re doing, keep fighting the good fight, with high morals, integrity, never sell your soul stay true to you and what’s right, this is your time.  You have arrived and the universe is cheering you on.

Your wings’ flutter has reached the deepest recess of this universe and all the divine is cheering you on! YAYYY! we have waited for your success, for a looooong time.  Sigh with relief now.  It’s YOUR TIME!

Kiran G

Mindfulness Techniques – Naming Your Emotions!

Art_30Mindfulness is becoming mainstream currently and there are very good reasons for it.  I have been teaching Mindfulness for a little while now and it has become very clear that it is super POWERFUL.

In a short amount of time, it has become clear that mindfulness courses are powerful, these are designed to deal with psychology, meeting east with west, it’s a powerful new way to bring east to the west.  Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, buddhist practices centre around being mindful of everything, there are lot of meditations, breathing techniques, being mindful of our thoughts, emotions and so many other techniques that when we put these into practice, it is clear that over a short period of time, our life can change.

On a very deep level, Mindfulness can change the way we think, feel and behave to outside stimuli.  People will always come into our lives, they will always do and day what they want to do and say.  A lot of things are not within our control.

However, when we realise that what WE do, say, feel, act upon are within our own control and no one else’s, then we become empowered.  We become empowered when we have our mind under our control.  The mind is designed in a certain way, that from the time we are born, if it has not been programmed ( which it never is), it can be chaotic and make us its slave.  We are the slave of our mind, we do what it tells us to do, what it wants to do, when it wants to do, we are not in control of it.  Until, we become mindful that is.

Mindfulness courses are so powerful, that it is changing how people think, feel, behave and as a result how they act towards others.  When we are able to bring under control our mind, we are able to control a lot of elements in our lives.  For example, when we are in control of our emotions, we can use it to propel us into the world of order.  Emotions can be used in a positive way, it can be used as energy to create what’s to come.  We can use the strong emotional energy to do great things in life, that’s when we know how to be in control of our emotions.

To be in control of our emotions, we have to be aware of them, to be aware of them, we have to observe them, to observe them, we have to be powerful enough to detach from them.  When we say ” I feel sad”, we have connected to the feeling, the brain sends messages to the mind to act, the body works to release all the hormones and substances to honour this command from the self.  So, when we say something like ” I feel sad”, we are giving commands to the brain to act, the nervous system gets into action, sending messages to the body to act swiftly, in releasing all kinds of chemicals in our body to honour this wish of ” I feel sad”.

If we turn this on its head, we detach from the feelings, we still have it inside of us, but we do not attch to it, we may say something like:  “I notice there is a feeling of sadness inside of me” or ” this is sadness”, then we disconnect to the feelings, the brain does not act, it did not get the signal to act and it does not.  So, then after a little while the sadness, dissipates.  Naming our emotions is a good way to take inventory of our feelings, we become in charge of the feelings, we become aware of it, we take charge of our feelings fully, we take full responsibility.

With time, what happens is that we won’t have those strong feelings anymore.  If we do, it will dissolve fast, leaving us a lot of energy to do all the great things we need to do, to live a mindful life.  When we become aware of each of our emotion, we taking an inventory of our feelings, this in turn makes us aware of how we feel all the time, we become empowered to change ourselves.

So, next time you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, try labelling them as someone who is observing them, like someone from outside looking in.  Like you see someone else feeling those feelings, what this does, it helps us feel those feelings, not repress them, own them, but also being very in charge of them.

Try this instead, when feeling anything – name them as an observer:

For example – try this – “This is pain, this is anger, this is resentment, this is shame, rage, guilt, frustration, unforgiveness, hatred etc …”

Name them as an observer, never owning these feelings, notice them, feel them, they will soon dissolve.  This makes us aware of what is lurking inside of us, without repressing, oppressing those feelings, owning them, giving them due time, seeing them, respecting them, not judging those feelings but at the same time, removing the extreme charge out of it. By depersonalising our feelings, we are able to be in control of them, they do not become destructive, they heal faster.

It is when we repress feelings/emotions that all chaos takes place within us.  Not when we are mindful of them.

This behaviour of being in charge of our emotions, over a long period of time helps to gain control over our feelings fully, entirely and completely.  We become master of our lives, we become super powerful, we become a master of the self.

Go on, start naming your feelings as someone observing yourself – name every one of them, see how you become in charge and in control of them. Your life will become so peaceful, when you become in charge of your feelings and emotions.

To your health and growth.

Kiran G

Unburdening From The Old!

UIMG_0094nburdening from all things old and worn out, stories that do not belong to you, but you still carry, old ways, old patterns, inherited through bloodlines, self defeating self talks, losses of disproportionate value and size – all these weigh us down to our knees.

The past has a lot of influence over us, the past – carries a lot of weight, why can’t we move on from the past, because that’s where all the information resides.  Our stories, our ancestors’ stories collectively), past lives (if you believe in it), the soul’s history, since energy does not die, our soul goes on to live in different dimensions.

When we become burdened with the pain and suffering of our collective ancetral past, then the unberable pain and suffering is felt in the collective ancestral body, mind and soul. After a long time of pain and suffering, histories of bad treatment, wars, invasions, slavery, deceit, the collective is ready to deal with the history of pain.

The collective is purging the incessant landfill of pain and suffering, we are ready to clean, clear, purge, heal and detoxify.  We are ready to make right the wrongs of the past.  Karma (actions) are being cleared, transmuted, healed and we have come forward as volunteers of light, to do this.

The world is releasing a lot of trauma, see how all that was hidden once is coming to light, masks are falling, everything concealed is being shown to us, collectively we are being shown the truth.  Masters of deceit are being revealed, all that is not clean, are being shown to us.

art the6


If we have chosen the path of light and healing, this choice is being held in high energetic healing, we are being protected, but a lot has to be righted, cleaned, forgiven, purged before we can move on.

The volunteers of light are undertaking a lot on their shoulders, some are clearing the whole family systems, collective ancestors, the past, past lives of ancestors and their own, they are healing their own bodies, minds, hearts and souls, they are speaking and clearing the collective consciousness as well.  These beings have come with great Karma (actions), their path is one of great responsibility.  They feel this responsibility on their shoulders, they get scared of the immensity of their task, the burden feels defeating and crushes on their soul heavily.

But, fear not, this is not a burden, but a freedom to be felt, remove the fear and stop seeing this as a burden, remove the energetic burden from yourselves.  See it as a freedom to be shared with the masses.  Speak, teach, heal, go forth and prosper.

Choose the light path, the light people, good friends who will nourish you, fill your vessel with love, get out of enslaving relationships, these are co-dependent relationships that keeps you in bind.  Break the old spells of the dark ones.



Unburden yourself from all the energies that crush you down with demands, clear your chakras, release those pain to where they come from.  You will feel like a landfill, where everyone came to dump on you, you are highly senstive, people will hook you, tag you, plug you, to take your light and life force.  Clear yourself from everything and everyone.

That’s when you will feel the best of you come out to play.  Have strong boundaries, you do not have to take everything that others throw on you,energetically, you have been collecting other people’s pain and suffering, they unburdened themselves onto you, they found the lottery jackpot when they met you, you agreed (on a subconscious level) to take all their horror, pain and suffering and they became free of that pain, where you carried it from lifetimes, to lifetimes.

Are you ready to drop all of these burdens?

Complete forgiveness_04(2)

Just have the intention of dropping all the burdens that you have been carrying, release what’s not yours.  Allow others to carry their own load, that’s when they will learn their lessons.  Do not fear their lessons, you have to only take responsibility of what you have to learn and do.  Other poeple’s lessons are their own.  Even though you may have thought you were helping them, you were only delaying and hindering their growth.

In relationships, we make pacts, we unknowingly agree to a whole host of things through loyalty and love.  We do this out of love, wanting to help and save others.  Not wanting to see them suffer, we do a lot of things to fix, save, mend others.  Whilst, we can offer other kind of help, taking other people’s pain, suffering, load or burdens do not help either of us.

Drop that burden, allow everything to learn from their own mistakes, pain and suffering.  Do what you need to do, teach with the highest integrity and leave the rest.  Do not fear your own voice, your own existence, your own speech.  It is powerful and you sow the seed of healing in everyone who hears you talk,  read your writing, feel your hug, see your light, touch your energetic field, smell your existence.  They become whole just by being around you.  You are an amazingly, poweruful being of great light.

You are a power generator, your existence on this earth is wanted, this world has been waiting for you to arrive and you HAVE!  Now is your time to shine, go forth and prosper.

Great light is emanating from you, your tribe is here already.

A long awaited reveal, coming into light, defeating the dark forces, revealing yourself to the world.
Coming into full light, end of trials and tribulations, end of pain and suffering, end of victim-attitude, you’re a new person, full of light, powers and force.

Kiran G

10 Stages To Break Out of The Painful Past!

bees are hereStuck in the Past?

It’s tough not to focus on the bad things that have taken place.  When we are stuck in the past, not knowing how to move forward, it can be difficult to find a way to move on.

After all, life is a blend of attentiveness to the detail of things, being proactive, taking action and also a mixture of letting go of the past.  How do we let go of the past?  How do we focus on the present, if all we think about is the pain of the past?

The key to not being stuck in the pain and suffering of the past, is to constantly work on healing that past.  The healing work takes time, we cannot focus on the present, the goodness we already have, until we have made peace with our past.

Focusing on the Negatives for too long, steals life out of life!

The past is a dimension in our unconscious/subconscious part of the mind.  Where we have stored stuff that we do not want to see, hear, know, feel, touch or smell.  The problem is that the more we repress those issues, the more lessons are presented to us so we are taken back to our original wound.

The original wound, is that wound that hurt us so much, that our mind does not want to remember.  When we go back and deal with that “mother of all wounds”, we then can heal and move on.  Focusing on the past, is not so much a focus, it is where we end up living, if we do not resolve the issues that we have, with the people that we have.

art the6

Aim To Resolve Your Issues

Aim to resolve your issues, do not file away your pain indefinitely, the pain that kept you so long into the cycle of suffering.  Let go of what does not work, especially old relationships, toxic situations, worn out energies, old patterns, people whom you don’t align with anymore,  those who are critical, abusive, who make you feel bad.  Find a solution that works for you, you are the best judge of that.  Also, not everyone is your friend.

So, be discerning!

Once you resolve your past, your focus will shift on the present.  The attention will not be pulled in the past, where all the pain is, but will see and enjoy the goodness that is already here.  When they say “let go of the past” – what people really mean is to resolve your past, with the people who have been a pain in your life.


How to Let Go of the Past

Complete forgiveness_04(2)

You don’t have to be around those who have hurt you, you don’t have to talk to them to resolve issues with them, it can all be done through visualisation and meditation (in your mind).  Practice forgiveness, this may take many times, but eventually, it will happen.

Resolving your past can be done in 10 stages:

  1. Inventory – Routinely look at what needs changing in your life.  Take an inventory of what you want, what needs to go. Declutter and detoxify your life – energetically.
  2. Nourish – Create a nourishing environment for yourself, a life you feel happy to be in,  to come back to, with good friends, people and loved ones only.  Declutter/Detoxify the old energy, let go, have a clear out, mentally let go of things you don’t need, then physically it will also happen.
  3. Speak Out – Talk about your issues with someone you trust, one good friend who is not going to judge you, will just listen, offer guidance and support if needed. Journal, write things down, let it out in some way.
  4. Reassure – Reassure yourself that you are ok, you are doing the best you can, you are trying your best and that you are safe.  This will stop anxiety/panic attacks.
  5. Introspection – Schedule a time for self care, self introspection.  Look at the issue regularly, try not to box it away indefinitely,  open that dark room full of pain and suffering, take your time, be gentle with yourself.  For the first time, see the good in the people who have wronged you, see their perspective of things.  I.e – they may have passed their pain onto you because they know nothing but pain.
  6. Mindfulness – Practice Mindfulness and Meditation.  Keep breathing deeply.  We can calm ourselves down totally through our breath, breathe deeply into your belly, keep a steady, deep flow of breaths, count 3 seconds – inhale, pause for 3 seconds, exhale for 3 seconds.  Repeat for 5 minutes at regular intervals.
  7. Love – Do what you love, be with those whom you love, eat what you love, practice self love.
  8. Move – Move your body, walk, dance, flow into your movement.  This will heal you from traumas.  Yoga and Tai Chi are very good to heal the body, mind and soul.
  9. Create – make some art, cook, plant a garden, create something new, try something new every day, keep on doing new things, this will inject passion back into your life.  Try ART THERAPY, where you make art with your emotions.  This is totally intutive and unplanned and it’s very healing to the mind.
  10. Forgive – Forgive those who have wronged you.  Keep forgiving until the pain is gone.

Make sure you are constantly trying to clear the clutter, the old and worn out.  This is the key to self healing.  Accept the past, it happened, you don’t have to be a victim, acknowledge the pain/suffering.  Forgive and Let go.

Wish you well.  It takes courage to heal the self.

Kiran G