Self Mastery

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Self mastery.  How do we go about achieving this?  When we have mastered the self, no one, nothing has power over us! I really mean, nothing.

The master has reached the top of the mountain.  The master does not fear anything, anyone, the master has defeated all its demons, the dark forces have no power over the master.

The master has reached the top.  Before reaching the top, s/he has been enslaved, harmed, mind-controlled, hypnotised, defeated, but has mastered the others, so has reached above those who have come to defeat her/him.

The master, came as a master.  The master was enslaved, many light-masked hybrid came to defeat the master, however, s/he couldn’t be defeated.  The master was/is the super-human angel, who cannot be defeated.

The ones who came here as an angel, will rise again.  This is your time.  You have to come with clean hands and pure heart, you cannot go wrong, nothing you do, will ever be deemed as wrong, justice is now being done in your favour.

Many masters were captured a long time ago, many were enslaved, witch-hunted, called witches, burnt, hanged, beheaded, made example of, so we never do it again.  Organised systems captured many wise elders, masters of light and enslaved our souls.  Now, we’re rising, risen higher than before.

We need to clean, clear, heal ourselves, must break out of the hypnotic trance that they have cast upon us, to keep us into misery and pain.  Remove that evil partner, friend, lover, ex, brother, sister, boss – they are the enslaver, who is wearing the light mask.

The enslaver will mirror you, mimic you, just so you do not think they are the one.  You’ll see victimiser change their spots all the time, as soon as you come close to unmasking them, they will put on another mask.  They keep on changing their image, shifting, shape-shifting, so you don’t see the real them, but you see the real them.  Their time is up.

You’re here to defeat them, to rise, to free millions of more, you’re here to free yourself fully, to vapourise the demon-enslaver, to teach those who don’t learn a good lesson, to become a warrior angel, a super-human, with super powers.  All is possible, for the one with the good heart and clean hands.

Justice is being done! To learn more about how to become a self master.  Get in touch.

Kiran G