Starry Ones, Star Guides!

art the7The stars are out.  It’s time to come out and be who you are! YOu have been hiding for a long time.  You have become scared of this world, its people and everything that exists in this existence.

Go ahead, reveal yourself.  It’s time.  If you have felt different all your life, alienated in this world, never fitted in, always stood out, for one reason or another, then you are not of this world.  If you have felt like this world is totally alien to you, its systems are violent, nothing is right, everything seems wrong, its politics, systems, people have got it wrong and you feel a need to make a change, then your mission is one of a star guide.

You are here to break the walls, to dissolve systems, to not partake in the darkness that is going

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on, but to build a new system, to challenge the old ways, to stand out and make waves.  You are safe now.

Those who spoke out, spoke up in the history of this world, were always persecuted and bad things happened to them, this time around, you are safe and you bring your teachings to the masses.  People are seeking your teachings, your wisdom.  Go forth and make it happen.

Do no fear anymore.  Persecution is not a dimension that can connect to your realms anymore.  You are not a victim.  Speak your truth with love.  You will heal many, you have Super – Powers, these powers cannot be entrusted on everyone, but on those who are ready and have gone through the tests of their integrity.

You have powers that others do not have.  Not everyone is born with these kinds of powers, ” with great powers, come great responsibility” and you are ready to show these great powers to this world.  People will be amazed by you and your powers, do not be shy therapy6

Release the old energies, the old paradigms of 3D, this is 5D existence.  You have mastered this earth and its teachings, now you are ready to ascend to a new existence.  Go for it.

Signs that you are a star seed/Star guide.

You are too different from everyone else.

You felt like an alien

This world was too violent for you

You felt lost all your life

You dissociated all your life, from people, systems, this world and its people.

You stood out, no matter how hard you tried to conceal yourself, you were always spotted and probably made fun of, ridiculed, bullied for being different.

YOu had nothing in common with others.

Others came to take from you, because you had so much power and light, people felt you had too much, they came to take from you.


You knew you had a mission, but you didn’t know what, how, where, when and why of things.

You were quiet, shy and had a very tough life. Lessons were very difficult.

You could not understand emotions and feelings, so you shut yourself down, did not want to connect with your body.

You lived out of your body, you disconnected with life, people, energies.

You could become visible and invisible whenever you wanted to.

You blended with your surroundings, you knew how to protect yourself.

YOu are a master at what’s right, wrong, you do the right thing, you speak the right things, sometimes speak bluntly, so others are broken out of stasis and awaken.

You were always awake, whislt everyone slept around you, you felt like there was something wrong with you, but actually, it’s this world and its enslaving systems that are wrong.  You are here to awaken the masses, to spread your wisdom, to communicate truth.


Over time, you felt dead, because everyone was dead around you.  You didn’t know it was you that everyone looked up to, you didn’t even know how powerful you were, you came to clear family karma, they become free through your light work.

You undertook great responsibilities on behalf of your ancestors.  You came into a very broken family line, this is so every starseed has undertaken to heal collective forces to free souls that are entrapped into a lot of pain.

People trust you and have a way of coming to you for wisdom and advice.

You have suffered great injustices.  The entrapping dimensions had to keep you in prison, you met those who came to take all your powers away, these dark forces stood no chance as your powers are unmatched.

Family placement - constellation healing - cosmic and galactic ancestors
Focus on the greatness that are already in your life!

You are here to teach a new way.

You are working with this earth to free it from pain and suffering.

You will bring a lot of people to light.

Look after your body, eat light-filled foods.  Do no harm to other species and people. Veganism is good for starseeds, drink plenty of water, supplement with vitamins, minerals, eat some raw foods with your meal, dis-eases cannot live in a light filled body.

Do energy work, declutter your energetic body, release the landfill of pain, suffering, junk, dis-eases that reside in that energetic body that you carry, this is not even yours, you are crystalline, you attract energy by nature, just be careful what kind of energy you carry.


Come into your powers.  Do not fear yourself.  You are ready for this mission.

Kiran G

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