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Tag: clearing karma

Freeing The Wizard Within!

The wizard/wizardess within is ready in all their glory to come out and bring the magic of life to the outside world. The wizard/ess has been transmuting a lot of […]

Healing and Clearing Karmic Relations!

Most of our relationships, if not all are Karmic in nature. This means that we have unfinished business together. Karmic relationships are not easy, they come with a long list […]

Soul Recovery, Taking The Soul Back!

Soul recovery is when you take back your powers back. If you have been in a long fight, psychic, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual fight. This may be because you […]

Clearing Karmic Relationships.

Lots of questions about Karma and how to be free of it. Know that light workers are being freed from bad Karma right now, which weren’t ours in the first […]

Light Language

Forging Divine Connection With Prime Creator

These images have downloads and lightcodes for you to clear yourself from Karma and download divine information. These are vessels of light, which will expand your Merkabah (light body)Remember, I […]

Returning Responsibility to Others!

What happens when others deny their responsibility,  play the “innocent game” or make you responsible for their own failure? It’s a great burden to bear, right?  There’s a lot of […]