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Tag: demon slayer

Star Ones Have Super Powers!

There are star humans on this earth right now. These are very powerful humans, they shine bright and do not have to do much to stand out. Although star ones […]

Clearing The Astral Planes!

This is a cue to clear your astral planes, some dark frequencies may have taken your astral plane hostage and you fear going there.Your astral plane is where your energy […]

Breaking The Spells On Humanity!

This time we will not be conned. The same script is playing out, but this time we know their intentions and we fight the dark forces who want to destroy […]

Connect To Your Star Origin!

If you have always felt very different, not of this world, alienated, like an alien, you are probably a starseed and you are craving connection with your ancestors.

Get Into Your Dark Side!

It’s ok to get into your dark side, when threat is around. This world is so full of darkness and dark entities that you are going to have to get […]