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Tag: divine love

High Vibing Love Is Here!!

You are ready for the love of your life. Bad relationships (if you can call them that) have plagued you and now you are free. These were karmic situations, you […]

Choose Carefully, Choose Wisely!

The Divine Feminine is being called to choose carefully, to choose wisely. There are many options, but make sure you weigh all your choices and see all the red flags […]

Love Is The Answer!

Love is the answer, sometimes things are so complicated, the world has a lot of rules and lines for us all to follow.Do this, don’t do that, this is good, […]

Divine Masculine/Feminine Is Gentle

When you meet the true one, he/she will be the sweet, gentle one.Divine is loving and gentle. Do not be told otherwise. If you are in a divine relationship, then […]

Listen, You Deserve It ALLLLL!

No one has time for bread crumbs, for bit and pieces, for being an option. YOU ARE ITTT BABAYYY! That’s right! Listen, do not hang around those who do not […]