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Tag: inner child healing

Choose The Emotionally Available Lover!

If you have been burnt in your childhood, you have lots of inner child traumas, be careful about choosing emotionally unavailable partners, or beware that you are not emotionally unavailable […]

Star Ones, Do Not Accept Crumbs!

Crumbs! that’s what a lot of star ones have been accepting all througout our lives. No more! I want you to hold yourself high, so high, that you put passwords […]

Divine child - divine source

Happy Inner Child!

All the child wants is love, love and more love.  Is this kind of love attainable on this earth? from earthly mothers?  in this day and age, it seems humans […]

Mental Wealth

Be At Peace With Yourself!

When nothing, no one is able to trigger you, you have reached your life purpose of being at peace.  When you are able of thinking of your worst nightmares of […]