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Tag: karma clearing

Walk Away From The Old Situation!

Time to walk away from this situation that has been a big confusion in your life. It’s time to be happy, let go of old patterns, cycles and people who […]

Clearing Suppressed Energy!

It’s time to clear some really suppressed energy from your life. Have you manifested something or someone who is very suppressive? or a controlling, manipulative person who wants to control […]

When Your Ancestors Have Your Back!

Your ancestors have your back, they will not let go. If you have been stuck for a while, you were stuck in karma and could not see clearly, they had […]

Past Life Karma and Karmic Situations!

We’re clearing karma at an alarming rate. We’re clearing ourselves of lifetimes of karma. Beware people will come into your life and claim their freedom. If there are major karma […]