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Tag: Karma

Walk Away From The Old Situation!

Time to walk away from this situation that has been a big confusion in your life. It’s time to be happy, let go of old patterns, cycles and people who […]

Forgiveness And Starting Over!

When you have arrived at your destination. This is due to the mammoth effort you have put in, you have done the inner work, no matter how diffucult. You stuck […]

Clearing Karma To be With The Twin!

Karmas are being released now. Old people will resurface and want to be dealt with. Old stories coming back, new people, with whom you had Karma may resurface, people whom […]

Karma Can Be Cleared!

Karma means actions, but we usually refer to karma in its negative sense, like “Karma will get you, Karma is here, so much pain in this karmic relationship, it’s a […]

Clearing Karmic Relationships.

Lots of questions about Karma and how to be free of it. Know that light workers are being freed from bad Karma right now, which weren’t ours in the first […]