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Tag: karmic partners

You Deserve The Best of The Best!

My longest podcast so far, well, I couldn’t stop my communication half way, just to end the podcast, in this one I talk about breadcrumbing, the origin of karma, karmic […]

Why Do We Need To Clear Karma?

Karma is such a big topic. If you think you are free to do what you want to do, think again! If you think you have free will, think again! […]

Clearing Karma With Karmic Partners!

When you are working towards being with the divine love of your life. There will be many karmic partners who will come to make themselves known to you, so you […]

Return of The Mage!

Oh yeah! while I sing my comeback song!Oh my god, on top of the world, I am back!I am feeling great, filled with all the life, injected inside of me, […]

Bound By Karmic Bonds!

YOu’ve been bound into karmic bonds and were stuck in a loop. It was like a chain, that kept on going, it was there to allow you to make corrections. […]