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Tag: karmic relationships

You Deserve The Best of The Best!

My longest podcast so far, well, I couldn’t stop my communication half way, just to end the podcast, in this one I talk about breadcrumbing, the origin of karma, karmic […]

Pay Attention To All The Red Flags!

When red flags fill your situation, you know it’s time to leave. Make a list of all the red flags in your situation, the people and those involved. Pay attention, […]

How To Get Out of The Karmic Trap!

If you think you’re in a divine partnership, but you get caught in a karmic trap. Watch out! Anything divine is just that, peaceful, divine and loving. There are challenges, […]

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

Karmic relationships are those relationships that have a lot of challenges and lessons in them. Usually karmic relationships are filled with pain. It’s a relationship that has lessons of hardship […]

High Vibing Love Is Here!!

You are ready for the love of your life. Bad relationships (if you can call them that) have plagued you and now you are free. These were karmic situations, you […]