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Tag: self love

You Deserve The Best of The Best!

My longest podcast so far, well, I couldn’t stop my communication half way, just to end the podcast, in this one I talk about breadcrumbing, the origin of karma, karmic […]

Self Love Is The Answer!

Love is the answer, self love it is! No matter what you do, you will come back to yourself. You are looking for yourself, you have been waiting for yourself, […]

Listen, You Deserve It ALLLLL!

No one has time for bread crumbs, for bit and pieces, for being an option. YOU ARE ITTT BABAYYY! That’s right! Listen, do not hang around those who do not […]

Self Love Will Heal All!

Self love, baby! This is your answer to everything. Self Love is the answer. Love your every part, cell, atom, molecule, photon inside of you. If you’ve ever felt you […]

Divine child - divine source

Happy Inner Child!

All the child wants is love, love and more love.  Is this kind of love attainable on this earth? from earthly mothers?  in this day and age, it seems humans […]