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Tag: Super Success

Return of the divine feminine


If life has been a long struggle for you, not understanding this world, the culture, politics, religions, faiths and belief systems of this world have been a problem, then you […]

Life Is a Switch!

  We switch roles all the time,  we become teacher, learner, master, victim, persecutor, rescuer, fixer, defender, prosecutor, patient, doctor, mother, child, brother, sister, strong, weak, bad, good, lover, hater, […]


It’s a journey of sorts.  Life is an anomaly, one that can only be deciphered once we look back.  Right in the midst of the brouhaha, nothing is clear, but […]

Sculptures – Art of the Heart!

When the soul blossoms Life is about creation, love and the beautiful things we create! Choose with your heart, blossom with your soul, it’s time to spring forward!   Get […]

Accept Your Shadow Self Fully!

  You have a shadow self for a reason.  If you don’t accept it, that dark side of you, that is there for a reason, to help you, to protect […]

Start Over!

When it feels like it's not going to happen, force your mind to think otherwise. The deep conditioning needs a good jetwash!