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It’s ok to feel all the feelings, allow yourself to do so.  Allow yourself to feel all the feelings, to break down, to feel the pain, to sit with your suffering for as long as you need to, but then, you have to make a decision to move on, when you do, you will heal lifetimes of issues, timelines will melt, you will deal with a lot, the iceberg of issues that you had never managed to heal, to see through, to fight, cases filed away under “can’t be bothered to deal with” will all come back for justice.

You will have to get up, stand up and rise, face your demons and defeat them.  You’ve got this, you’ve got the power, you are soo powerful, you haven’t got any idea how powerful you are.

When all the issues come tumbling down, the cases which needed your full attention will have to be dealt with, evil dissolved, demons destroyed, only then you will be able to move on with your life.  I know the task is huge, but you must do it.

Once you have dealt with the demons, you will win, it’s already done.  If you have reached that stage, then make sure for you to move on with your life by forgiving.  Forgiveness heals everything.


Kiran G


This is a place to come when you’re ready to forgive.  You already know this, forgiveness is hard.  It doesn’t just come to us, we have to continuously work at it.  Especially, if the person whom you despise doesn’t feel they have done anything wrong, or won’t go away, despite making it clear that they aren’t wanted, or continues to push their way on you, may be using mental, spiritual, psychological means to control, the control is unbearable, this person wants to own you, your life, your power, your everything.

How do you forgive such a monster?  It’s tough to innerstand this as the anger, bitterness, resentment goes far back in time.  The key is to know that this isn’t new and therefore gain wisdom about the source of this trauma.


This transcends time, space and timelines.  The power play has been going on for a very long time.  This is spiritual war, transcending time, history and dimensions, you existed in magical times, where you became a slave of the dark forces.  The person whom you despise, worked for those dark forces and enslaved your soul, your light was stolen by force, those who took your light inhabited your light and soul and they became powerful.

Let’s go back in time!  this is not a new story, this story goes back many, many lifetimes, where you have been a victim of this person, who exerted power and control over you, perhaps you are an earth angel and you didn’t know how to defend and protect yourself.

This lifetime, you came back to take your powers back, but we can’t unless we innerstand, where this is coming from, the source of this hate, anger, bitterness, resentment.

We will continue to talk about this in more detail and there will be a course presented on this topic, to explain the source of your unforgiveness, persecution and how these set the course of your life over the past millenia of lifetimes.

Stay tuned.  I will teach you to go back in time, look for the series of events that led you to this moment, how to take all your powers back, release persecution frequency and how to forgive those who tormented you, abused you and controlled you, how to transcend all that into lessons, put all of it into perspective and realise how powerful you have now become because you have learnt something new ( the yin energy).

If you can innerstand that you’re now more powerful than you were before (as a light being).  Now you’re a balanced being, with both yin and yang, when you accept and balance these, your lessons are transmuted and you become a super magician.

At this point, you have become WHOLE.  You’re balanced and you’re wiser in the arts of magic and all the worlds that intersect each other at this level.



Kiran G

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