Divine Union with the Self!

It’s time for Divine Union with the self. It has been a long time coming!

Merging with Self.
It’s time for the divine union with self. How do we achieve this? Through removing the barriers of pain, suffering, all the cycles of addiction, self harm in ways beyond understanding. Furthermore, feelings of being left, abandoned, not loved and left alone are all manifestations of cycles of pain and suffering.
Our traumas lead to a tearing of the self, from our self. The years of separation from the self, leads of self destructive patterns and cycles.

Twinflame Reunion.
Here we transmute all of the old paradigms of love lost. Suffering has manifested through losing of the self, our divine counterpart (other whole part), our soulmate or twinflame. On this portal, I go back to the family constellation to see what is wrong, I bring peace, love, wholeness back to the twin soul. In addition, I look to the divine masculine and feminine to bring balance and peace to the soul. This takes time and patience, it takes decades and lifetimes to heal the soul, to reunite with the beloved twin soul.

Healing Trauma of the Ancestors.
If there is a trauma that is repeating itself, this means it goes back many generations. Energy does not go away, nor does it heal itself without intervention. All we need is for ONE person in the generational lineage to start the process of healing. That’s all that’s needed to acknowledge the pain and bring divine union with the self.

In Constellation healing, I bring back deep healing from violence and traumas. Traumas that have never been healed in the family history can be healed. This mode of healing, not only brings back the soul to wholeness, but, it also acknowledges that we are all one. We are one with the ancestors, that when they pain, we pain. Their hurt, manifests as ours. If the problem is chronic, I go deep into the roots to figure out what went wrong. I also go to how displacement occurred, this aids divine union with the self.

List of factors that brings trauma to a soul.
This could be early death of an ancestor, rape of females/males/child, prostitution (sexual enslavement). It could also mean soul extortion of some kind (where someone extorts the energy out of the soul through violence. Furthermore, it could be that a family member immigrated, there was slavery, abortion, murder or killing of another. It could also mean that there was genocide and/or femicide, all these factors hinder our merging with the divine union with the self.

In addition, not honouring the female/male spirit can also lead to trauma and hinder divine union with the self. There is also addiction (alcoholism, substance addiction, addiction to pain and suffering) obsession, bad karma of all kinds ( doing harm to others intentionally), adoption and all kinds of manifestation of suffering.

It’s time for all of that to be dissolved in a safe space, to hold space, gather around ancestors, bring them back together, divine union with the self and our soulmate/twinflame. I do this through communication, writing, books, art, making sculptures.

The collective Consciousness
When we heal the self, others, the ancestors, we have to also go back to the collective consciousness to check what role we’re playing there. The pain that we feel all the time also comes from the plugging/connection of our umbilical cord to the collective consciousness, we are all sharing the same space, same home, dimensions, so depending on the amount of work we do, we connect to that particular consciousness. An ascended person, will connect to those who are also doing the work to ascend themselves in higher realms.

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